Police Verification

Police Verification

Why do Police Verification?

The job market in India is witnessing a boom. Not only people from rural areas are moving to urban areas for a better job, but the Indian market has also attracted a lot of foreign nationals to pursue their career.

In such an environment, it can be a challenge knowing who is genuine and who isn’t. The safety of other employees in the organisation is at stake if a criminal record verification is not conducted.  A police verification service can help corporates unearth any skeletons in the prospective hire’s closet, thereby saving them from making a terrible mistake.

When it comes to police verification, a criminal record verification can help management know if a candidate has a criminal history and whether he/she can be trusted or not.

Rise in technology has made it easy for individuals to fake their identity and pretend to be someone they’re not. The sequence of incidents involving fake documentation, forged signatures and false promises of jobs, marriages and college seats have left everyone shaken.

Police verification can help individuals and organisations eliminate these threats by understanding if the person they’re in contact with is worthy of trust or not. Using various checks such as litigation database check, criminal record check, court record check; police verification can help us get a bird’s eye-view of the person we’re having inspected.

Key Validations

We, at AuthBridge, conduct police verification to ensure that your candidate doesn’t have a past criminal record or an FIR lodged against him/her at any specific address. This can be done using two modes:

  • Through a law firm
  • Through our in-house team

Police Verification – More Information

A single rotten apple can ruin the entire batch. This same goes for your employees too. Take the case of leading IT company’s hiring scandal. One of the company’s senior recruiters was discovered taking bribes from colleges to place students in roles within the company. The individual in question had taken lakhs worth of bribes to place select students in the corporate.

By the time this company discovered the truth, it was too late. Its reputation as a fair employer was lost and so was the quality of its hire. A thorough criminal record verification of the recruiter during his hiring would have helped the company identify if he had criminal records and arrest records to his name for similar cases at his previous place of employment.

Cases like this make us understand why police verification of employees is important. In corporates, a criminal record check can help companies avoid hiring dishonest candidates. When it comes to schools, scheduled police verification can help us ensure that the people selected to care for our children are actually protecting them and won’t harm them.

AuthBridge specialises in conducting police verification as a part of background verification process for corporates in India. Our police verification India checks are conducted through:

·         Prestigious Indian law firms, well-versed in criminal law

·         In-house team of police verification specialists

Contact us for more information, if you’d like to learn more about police verification service in India by AuthBridge.


Police Verification helps people better understand the nature of candidates and co-workers. With the help of a police verification service, you can take active steps to create a safe environment at workplace. AuthBridge provides superior police verification service in India that can help you keep your work place safe.

Criminal record check of a potential hire/existing employee can help companies understand whether the person is trustworthy and makes for a safe investment or not. Additionally, organisations wishing to send employees abroad on work need to have a criminal record verification conducted to get the passport and visa for the employee.

To conduct Police Verification in India, employers need to submit their employees’

·         Proof of DOB

·         Address proof

·         National ID proof

·         Proof of employment

We refer the updated records of the National Crime Records Bureau when conducting our checks. We always keep our clients in the loop and provide a detailed report of our police verification findings.