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About Us
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AuthBridge is a leading provider of platforms and solutions that enable trust.


Our offerings include instant identity verification, employment background screening, customer screening, partner due diligence amongst many others. The company is now significantly aiding the growth of collaborative consumption in the sharing economy by fulfilling the need for quality and trust metrics while meeting needs of instantaneity. Combining deep process knowledge with technology, AuthBridge has consistently innovated to stay ahead of the curve in over thirteen years of its operations.

Founded in 2005, today we have delivery capability in more than 140 countries and a client-base across a broad spectrum of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies. Cornell University, an Ivy League institution, has published a case study titled “‘AuthBridge: Innovating HR Operations in India” on AuthBridge’s technology innovations in the space of employment background screening.

With many robust partnerships, AuthBridge has won many accreditations and industry accolades and is recognised as a pioneer in its areas of business.

AuthBridge is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant for information security. An empanelled background check company with National Skill Registry, (an initiative of NASSCOM initiative), AuthBridge is also a member of NAPBS APAC. Over these years, AuthBridge has been an innovation-driven organization, leveraging technology with its automated, in-house applications.

Being an established trust enabler, we thrive upon customer satisfaction to grow by leaps and bounds to meet the highest standard of excellence.

Ajay Trehan - CEO, AuthBridge

CEO’s Message

The world of commerce is changing at a pace that makes previous business revolutions seem glacial by comparison. Political borders and geographical boundaries are melting away.

The search and competition for resources, whether it is material, financial or human, is no longer restricted to one’s backyard. While more and more doors of opportunity seem to be opening up for businesses, there is a strong need to keep costs down, processes tight and efficient and operating structures lean. This is dictated by the global recession, shrinking markets and the slowdown of the worldwide economy. Everybody is feeling the pinch.

Competition is healthy on many levels. However, the pressures of the market place are also the driving force of so much else that is not quite so healthy.

To be the global benchmark in solutions that build trust in relationships and alliances

-AuthBridge Vision