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Education Check
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Why do Education Check?

The top roles within any organisation require candidates with very particular and credible educational qualifications. The responsibility delegated to these roles is extremely high as well. This is precisely the reason why verification of educational qualifications is extremely important.
There have been many instances in the past where candidates have lied about their educational qualifications just to apply for a lucrative role within an organisation. In addition to that, candidates usually do certificate courses from top international colleges and project them in a way that the employer believes that they have done a marquee program instead. Verification of educational documents is hence the only way to uncover the truth.

Key Validations

Education verification should hence be performed on those qualification(s) of the candidate that were ‘mandatory’ for him/her to get the job that he/she has been offered. Some aspects / antecedents that we authenticate during education background check are:

  • Roll No./Registration No. of the candidate
  • The course pursued/passed by the candidate
  • The year of course completion
  • Genuineness of pass certification
  • The affiliation and accreditation check of the institute/course

Any many more…

Education Check – More Information

Individuals are indulging in getting fake educational documents from prestigious institutions for their wards or themselves for better job opportunities.

The January 2018 Delhi ‘Fake Degree’ racket saw more than 50,000 students purchasing fake certificates, marks cards and post-graduate degrees. Reports tell us that people pay as high as 3 lakhs for a single marks card or certificate. This trend extends to popular courses such as medicine. Recently, the Maharashtra Medical Council suspended 20 doctors on grounds of holding fake medical degrees. Can you imagine letting an unqualified individual prescribe drugs and perform surgical techniques on yourself or your loved one?

Cases like this place organisations on guard. Organisations can’t trust the candidates based on the degree presented by them, without conducting education verification. This is where degree verification and education background verification become crucial. Education verification in India can help you find out whether your new applicant is truly qualified for the role or not. At AuthBridge, we have extensive experience in conducting education background verification and degree verification.

India is seeing the mushrooming of a lot of fake universities these days. Additionally, multiple online course platforms are offering graduate and post-graduate courses at nominal costs, removing the need for affiliated educational institutions. Without degree verification, it can be hard to verify whether the candidate truly has attended college and completed the course or not. An education background verification also helps companies identify whether the grading/marks the candidate has mentioned in his/her resume are true or not.

AuthBridge with its tech enabled offerings is well placed to research the academic history of a student to understand whether he/she attended a particular institute, how his/her academic performance was and whether he/she is being genuine in academic representation. Choosing to have your candidates subjected to education verification or education background checks is a great way to ensure you do not waste time, money and effort in hiring the wrong candidate.


To conduct education background checks, education verification companies check the national identification documents of the candidates. They also check the academic records at the school/college, conduct degree verification by checking the marksheets and certificates and also check any reference letters that the candidate has provided from faculty and admin staff.
An employee who really isn’t qualified for the job is a threat to the Organisation, colleagues and customers. An under-qualified employee will neither have the theoretical knowledge nor the practical skills necessary to perform their job. They may commit errors, which may turn out to be fatal for the customers and their colleagues. This may also lead to multiple legal suits against the organisation, which will result in huge financial loss and loss of goodwill.
With the help of degree verification organisations can:

• Find out if candidates are being honest about their academic background
• Understand the skill level and competency of their employees
• Identify if candidates can become a threat to the safety of the organisation
• Hire the right people in the right roles within the organisation

At AuthBridge, we offer best in class education verification services to create a safe working environment in your Organisation.