Evolving Technology in Database Background Checks

Rapid digitisation in India The umbrella technology initiative of “Digital India” has led to the rapid deployment of tech-enabled platforms across various sectors. Healthcare, employment, commerce, labour and education are some of these areas that are being transformed with digitisation. Broadband highways, high-speed networks and Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity are some key focus areas. [...]

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Trust & Verify Candidates with TrustOnDemand™

With the growth of the sharing economy in the country, the need for TrustOnDemand™ is higher than ever, especially in India, where this sharing economy has resulted in a number of job openings, and consequently, an influx of applicants from every corner of the country. It is no easy task for any organisation to effectively [...]

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TrustOnDemand™ – Progress Till Date

The economy of today is hugely reliant on trust on demand. Think about it. A lot of commonly used services like Uber, Ola, Airbnb and food delivery apps like Swiggy will not have any business if it weren’t for trust. Just ten years ago, the entire concept of such businesses seemed like a far-fetched idea. [...]

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TrustOnDemand™ – The Next Disruption for HR

Pre-employment background screening has been a time-consuming process traditionally. On an average, about 20 days are needed to verify an employee’s background information.  This long a time duration is critical for employee dropout; organisations that have a high turnover rate find it difficult to carry out pre-employment screening.  This is the reason why 94% of [...]

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TRUST – It All Begins with Background Verification

In the highly digitised sharing economy of today, it is safe to say that one of the most important element is trust. Without trust, a lot of businesses that cater to our needs on a daily basis like Uber, Ola and Airbnb would be useless. People we don’t know drive us to our destinations, and [...]

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Bridging the gap between Trust and Talent

15.21% candidates misrepresented info. to their employers in FY 2017 to bag lucrative jobs! (Ref: Annual Trend Report 2017 by AuthBridge) Trust is the essence of all human relationships! Organizations hire Talent to ensure business success. However, they need to take a brutally honest view of the talent they hire- Are they trustworthy? Is the [...]

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Reducing ‘Time to Build Trust’-Essence to being Preferred by EMPLOYEES & CUSTOMERS

Contractual staff opportunities are on the rise with flourishing on-demand businesses. Automation has furthered this growth agenda by enabling better service levels and enhanced on-boarding. Customer/Employee experience is a key element in the acquisition process. Be it quick loan disbursements, quick issuance of SIM cards; better, streamlined processes and quicker TAT leads to an enhanced customer [...]

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TrustOnDemand™: The Game Changer for Hiring & On-boarding

With the world getting pervasively digital, interactions and collaborations for business purposes and otherwise are on an exponential rise! On-demand services have further transformed the business landscape. In such a complex network, individuals and businesses trust one another blindly! In day to day life, you depend on people you don’t know well to work for [...]

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New ‘trust’ factor: The impact of Aadhaar in India

One of the undesirable effects of a connected society is the rise in number of Identity theft cases around the world. Thanks to a variety of personal and sensitive information available and accessible online, criminals around the world have a field day committing financial frauds by usurping the identity of ordinary citizens. A record 15.4 [...]

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