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Streamline the HR Process to Curb Employee Attrition Rate

One in two Indian employees is looking to leave their current job according to a recent study. Employee attrition has been a consistent concern as past trends indicate. A 2012 Mercer study also had more than half of employees actively considering quitting their jobs. The study also highlighted that as compared to older employees, a [...]

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Ensure Candidate’s Cultural Fitness with Background Verification

A healthcare organisation that had employee welfare and consensus-based decision making as its core values hired a new unit head with a proven financial track record. In due course, it was noted that the unit head’s dictatorial leadership style, emphasising command and micromanagement, lead to significant attrition. Employee disengagement led to poor customer satisfaction scores [...]

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Talent Acquisition Personalities & Approach to Hiring

A company is only as good as its employees. Bad hires can cost companies significantly in terms of finance and reputation. Hiring the right people is crucial for business success. Role of talent acquisition in effective hiring Businesses need to give top priority to talent acquisition as hiring the right people is critical to ensuring [...]

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The Hiring & Verification Saga of the Retail Industry

The retail industry handles consumer money, and often deals with issues of high turnover, absenteeism, employee theft, substance abuse, and workplace violence which demands the importance of grave protection in this industry through comprehensive background verification solutions. From selling floors to the stockroom and warehouse, retail employees must meet high standards of loyalty, performance, and [...]

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Ensure Good Quality Hires to manage internal risks

Growth ambitions across organisations have led to massive recruitment across industries. Amidst the pressure of bulk hiring, organisations often compromise on the quality of hires.24*7 internet access and evolving technology have opened gates to new frauds. Managing employee risks and insider threats is crucial. Organisations need to scale up background screening techniques to match the [...]

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