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The Importance of Vendor Due Diligence in the On Demand Economy

  Most companies will require a third party vendor to outsource business to at some point or another. Whether it is to assign a professional for housekeeping jobs or to deliver products to customers, vendors help businesses run smoothly while saving on costs and time. Vendor due diligence is important to protect the interests of [...]

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TrustOnDemand™ for Background Screening in ODE Companies

During the hiring process, every company needs to conduct a thorough background verification on the potential candidates. The process of background screening has become the need of the hour with the ODE (On Demand Economy) sector growing by leaps and bounds. As the ODE industry grows, companies are having a harder time keeping up with [...]

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TRUST – It All Begins with Background Verification

In the highly digitised sharing economy of today, it is safe to say that one of the most important element is trust. Without trust, a lot of businesses that cater to our needs on a daily basis like Uber, Ola and Airbnb would be useless. People we don’t know drive us to our destinations, and [...]

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Why sharing Economies need powerful background checks?

The sharing economy is increasingly disrupting the business landscape. A PwC survey [1] estimates the global sharing economy market to increase to around 335 billion dollars by 2025. With immense growth potential and numerous successful business models already setting examples, the sharing economy is all set to revolutionise our lives. However, businesses in the sharing [...]

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Widen scope of background verification: Verify e-rickshaw owners

“Ola launches e-rickshaws on its app in Lucknow’’, reveals a Times of India article. The company plans to on-board over 300 e-rickshaws to address last mile connectivity, for faster and affordable mobility of passengers. The on-demand economy is growing, perpetually with more companies joining the clan. This new disruption will only necessitate need for quick [...]

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The Instantaneity of On-demand Economy

Instantaneity is the prime driver of the on-demand economy. But, even as startups and established business are consumed by the need for speed, they are becoming increasingly aware of the risk to their reputation because of the antecedents of the people critical for the driving of the on-demand economy – among others, cab drivers, delivery [...]

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Background Screening Trends To Watch Out For In 2016

Predicting future trends in any industry has always been a tricky task. While statistics are easily available for predicting some types of business, some depend highly on speculation and guesswork. This is where the background screening industry stands out. The picture here, is crystal clear. When it comes to spotting trends for our industry in [...]