Who are you on-boarding?

According to Economic Times, in the last two years, corporate fraud rose to 45% across industries due to corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, window dressing, faulty financial reporting and bribery owing to weak internal controls, scarcity of resources and over-riding powers of senior management. Some senior level candidates may just furnish false or baked information [...]

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Fabricated Online Reputation- A Challenge for Background Screening?

While larger organisations have been using online reputation managers (ORM) for years now, ORM heads say they are now being approached by individuals from across Indian metros who want the worldwide web wiped clear of unflattering information. "From company CEOs caught in sexual harassment suits to middle-level managers wanted for fraud to NRI brides-to-be, a [...]

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The Whistleblowers’ Challenge

Exposing Corporate Fraud The 2009 scam by a large IT company, in essence, was an inflation of the revenue and profit figures of the company by its promoters.  They tried to make the company look better than it was.  We have a similar story today that also has its origins in 2009. In the last [...]

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