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How AuthLead™ can help prevent Executive Fraud

Businesses hire top-level executives with the aim to expand, grow and inspire all levels of employees within the organization. These senior executives set the tone for the organization, establish formal and unwritten rules, and are responsible for aligning the company culture, standards and ethics. World has witnessed many executive frauds across various industries, but in [...]

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How is Senior Level Hiring Different from Routine Hiring?

Senior executives transition to strategy development from operational levels. These leaders are responsible for providing direction by defining the mission and vision of the organisation. Besides, they are also expected to be accountable for financial growth, team coordination, employee engagement and brand image. Senior executives are also involved in building and sustaining the company culture [...]

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Five Must Do’s to Hire the Right Leaders

A Gallup study highlights the fact that 87 percent of employees across the globe, including leaders, are not engaged at work. Disengagement at any level can cost companies up to $96 billion in terms of lost productivity annually. Senior leaders are responsible for mobilising teams and boosting engagement at junior levels. When leaders themselves are [...]

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Leadership Due Diligence – Latest Developments

For every organisation today, hiring is a gamble. With the number of frauds increasing year by year, you never really know who you are welcoming into your organisation. Regardless of the position, the risk is the same. This means that even for leadership positions, it is necessary to conduct exhaustive executive screening. According to a [...]

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9 Essential Steps for Executive Screening

The role and nature of responsibilities of senior leaderships in a company are of much greater consequence than an employee at a lower grade. Since senior leaders have a great number of people working under them, mistakes caused at such levels have a rippling effect throughout the workforce of the organisation. As a result, the [...]

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Challenges of C-suite Hiring and measures involving Leadership Due Diligence

Leadership in the recent times has become more complex than ever. The role of senior management is increasingly becoming more critical. Hence, it is vital for board members and CEOs to hire the right candidates for the upper management. The image and progress of the brand or company is directly dependent on the working practices [...]

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Leadership Due Diligence: How is it Different from Regular Background Checks?

The importance of leadership due diligence has never been more felt in the face of the recent financial scams involving senior leadership. A total of 8670 financial fraud cases worth more than six hundred billion rupees have been encountered in the last five years. A Forbes survey found that 40% of senior executives fail at [...]

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Overcoming C-Suite Hiring Challenges with Leadership Due Diligence

In the recent times, financial scandals involving senior level management and board members have made headlines in India. In a recent survey close to 37% named middle and senior level management to be the perpetrators of frauds. The survey analysed different risks including cyber security, frauds that included bribery and corruption, physical theft and other [...]

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Leadership Due Diligence is a Long-Term Investment

The role of any leader in the top management of a company is one of the most important within the organisation. After all, leadership is the cornerstone for team motivation, setting business objectives, creating compliances as well as driving organisational culture. Every company faces the quest for growth, expansion and impact, and a major portion [...]

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Leadership Hiring Needs a New Approach: Enhancing Leadership Due Diligence

In recent years, India has seen immense growth in business. In fact, as of now, out of 190 countries, India ranks 100th in ease of doing business. In 2017, it was ranked 130th. Such a huge jump is a clear indication of how much the country’s business is growing at a rapid rate, and with [...]

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