How does Investment Due Diligence Help Your Investment Strategy?

When making a financial investment, whether it be in real estate or a company’s stocks, you need to know that it is a good investment. Investment due diligence is the process of investigating the potential investment’srisk and security before investing. Both, companies looking to acquire other companies and individuals who want to invest in businesses, [...]

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Investment Due Diligence: An Investor’s guide to making rational ‘Investments’

Investing in scalable business models and upcoming technology seems to be the new trend. With thousands of ideas floating around with billions of people, investors are finding a tough time in making decisions! Ideas are not enough… Rightly said, investors need to probe into teams behind the idea. Thorough due diligence of your target investee’s [...]

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How well do you know your investors?

“As per a report in The New Indian Express, on the day of the launch of their company, directors and promoters were arrested from the launch venue in Kochi for allegedly defrauding the Kalamaserry branch of the Bank of Baroda by falsifying proofs. The duo are said to have been later produced before the Kalamassery [...]

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