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Benefits of Conducting Employees’ National Identity Verification

Identity theft - A growing concern There is a growing concern in the world today about identity theft. A bulk of personal data and sensitive information is available on the Internet which can be accessed by Internet frauds and hackers. Due to the ease of access to this information, there is a steady rise in [...]

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Identity Verification: Tech-Enabled Identity Checks – An Overview

In a world where instances of identity theft are increasing day by day, identity verification is one of the most reliable ways to build trust between any two parties. In simple terms, Identity Verification means a process that can prove or verify that someone does exist. Fact is, in today's world, it is no longer [...]

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Identity Verification: Stepping Stone to Organisation Safety

The need for identity verification has never been more felt as in recent times. Since the past three to four years, there have been reports of rape by Uber drivers. Other crimes where employees themselves have committed fraud or thefts at workplace have also made headlines. Recently at Ryan International School in Delhi, it was [...]

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ID Verification & TrustOnDemand™ – Accelerating the On-Demand Economy

According to an Allied Market Research, the global self-service technology market will cross $31 billion by 2020, representing an annual growth rate of almost 14%. This number is indicative of the importance of service industry today. Uber and Airbnb are examples of business models which were not even envisioned. But today they have changed the [...]

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e-KYC- Reducing On-boarding Turn Around Time

Electronic Know-your-customer (e-KYC) process, based on Aadhaar or Unique Identification Number is transforming operations across businesses- saving time and money while delivering seamless experience! Using Aadhaar information and biometric/OTP based authorizations, e-KYC enables businesses with paperless onboarding process, reducing on-boarding time from days to minute! With more than 98% of Indian population being enrolled with UIDAI, [...]

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New ‘trust’ factor: The impact of Aadhaar in India

One of the undesirable effects of a connected society is the rise in number of Identity theft cases around the world. Thanks to a variety of personal and sensitive information available and accessible online, criminals around the world have a field day committing financial frauds by usurping the identity of ordinary citizens. A record 15.4 [...]

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Identity theft rising at an alarming rate

A recent study revealed that identity fraud in India accounted for 77% [1]* of the fraud cases in the year 2015. In the banking and financial sector, auto loans, mortgage loans and credit cards witnessed the largest number of fraud cases from identity theft in the last year, representing around 85% of the total frauds [...]

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Are you verifying Identity the ‘right’ way?

5.4 million consumers were victims of identity theft or fraud last year globally [1]. That's up by 16% from the year 2015. Identity fraud and its related vulnerabilities are becoming increasingly rampant due to weak ID verification processes across companies. It is indeed important to keep identities safe and on-board employees, customers, vendors and partners [...]

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Passport Verification: How does it work?

Multiple cases of fraudulent passports have been reported. But what does a passport verification reveal? Passport is considered to be one of the most authentic sources of individual information. Passport verification screens the personal details of the candidate on the passport. It does not verify fraudulent issuance of the passport but only tampering with the [...]

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