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New Technologies for Better Background Screening

Background screening is the need of the hour. With banks getting scammed by employees and a lot of cab drivers being accused of unruly conduct, employers need to be extra careful with whom they hire. It is difficult for HR professionals to conduct background screening on candidates all by themselves, especially when it comes to [...]

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HR Technology – Questions to Ask Yourself

HR technology has transformed not just the scope of human resources in the modern world but has changed the way the entire industry works. Well-known software companies, along with specialised HR technology vendors are supplying large organisations with new technology that facilitates all HR functions like background screening, workforce analytics, talent acquisition, and so on, [...]

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Disruptions in HR Technology Decoded

Globally, technology disruptions are being experienced in every industry and every department. As per CB Insights, there has been a 15% rise in investments in HR technology in the recent times. In the U.S., close to $2 billion has been invested in HR technology. According to CB Insights, human resource management system (HRMS) is where [...]

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Buying HR Technology? Here’s What You Should Evaluate First!

HR technology is a term that is often used to refer to all kinds of hardware as well as software components used for automation of the HR functions and activities. From employee attendance to background verification, employee payroll, workforce analytics and more, technology is disrupting the way these process function across workplaces. In recent years, [...]

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Information Management & Background Verification

A document repository is an important part of an organization's information and knowledge initiatives. In today's world of global competition, it is essential that a company gets its information management strategy right. Smart companies use a document repository to store and distribute employees' knowledge, such as best practices or research results, across firms. This has [...]

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Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Background Verification

Structured background checks have become an important part of contemporary businesses. Before firms hire candidates, before banks open accounts to new customers, before investors give out money to people, and before people co-share resources through "sharing economy" arrangements- in all these cases- background verification is a “must do”. For many years now, the process of [...]

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The Employee Onboarding & Background Verification Reaction- Technology is the catalyst!

Recruiting and retaining talent is a major challenge in the competitive world of today for HR professionals. A study conducted by Kronos and Future Workplace found 87% of global employers were concerned about retaining talent at the workplace. The scenario is not much different in India where attrition rates in IT, healthcare and other sectors [...]

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Ease out employee verification with the power of technology

In an eco-system, it is imperative for companies to have a symbiotic relationship with each other. When it comes to verifying the details about past employment for a new employee on board, the current organisation needs to reach the previous organisation of the employee in order to verify the information provided is genuine or not. [...]

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Can background verification with improved technology help establish trust?

Yes, technology and trust are core to the foundation of all successful business models. In today’s dynamic digital era, years of experience can totally offset the importance educational qualifications and credentials. Background verification is crucial to realise the real significance of a candidate’s experience. Background screening practices and solutions cover the essential past records, so [...]

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