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Background Verification Trends & Insights 2017

1 in every 6 candidates were found to lie on their resume in 2017, according to AuthBridge’s Benchmark study. Background Verification data analysis reported Resume Frauds to rise by 48% compared to 2016. Thanks to the readily available job information across job portals and accepted increased attrition and frequent switching phenomenon, candidates across industries are [...]

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Financial Services- Why Background screening is a MUST have for you?

The financial services industry is an ever blooming industry operating on TRUST. After improved economic sentiments in the economy, hiring is picking up compared to 2016 in the financial services sector. The data dealt with in the financial sector is way too sensitive to be handed over to crooks. The responsibility is huge and so [...]

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Is your industry looking at ‘education’ credentials before hiring?

In an ever evolving global business landscape, hiring is no longer limited to geographical boundaries. As businesses expand beyond boundaries, the demand for skilled labour is rising. Incoming talent is crucial for growth and business success. This makes it essential for organisations to hire the right talent with desired skills and knowledge. This is particularly [...]

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