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Employee Background Verification for the Startup Ecosystem

The emergence of new business models New business models in India are emerging that are changing the way we live or do business.  The entrepreneurial mindset has caught up in a big way and India is recognised as a fast-growing destination for startups. Boosted by angel investors, groups and crowdfunding initiatives, the ecosystem is currently [...]

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Employee Screening – Reasons for Background Check Failure

Nearly seven out of ten businesses have been affected by bad hires, according to a CareerBuilder report. Identity thefts claimed more than fifteen million victims in the past two years. Injuries at the workplace, theft, data and security breach are just some of the concerns that prompt companies across the world to take up employee [...]

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Top 7 Ways in Which Employee Screening Services Mitigate Employer Risk

Employee screening services are more necessary than ever in the fast-paced economy of today, where interactions are increasingly digital and the need to establish trust quickly is stronger. Organisations are hiring by the load, and at the same time, the number of frauds– applicants giving false information about themselves on their resume– are on the [...]

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Things to Evaluate Before On-Boarding a Background Verification Partner

Background verification is a crucial process for any organisation regardless of the industry they belong to. You should not blindly trust whatever information an applicant has provided in their resume. If it turns out he/she had provided incorrect information at that time, it could create unnecessary problems for the business. Since this person may, in [...]

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How, What and Why of Background Verification-How Employees can Fool You

An increasing number of frauds committed by a company’s own employees have led to the need for more stringent background verification. How employees have defrauded their companies In June 2017, 53-year-old Susan Rue pleaded guilty to defrauding her former employers Procter and Gamble of $500,000. In her fourteen years with the company, Rue would often [...]

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The Employee Onboarding & Background Verification Reaction- Technology is the catalyst!

Recruiting and retaining talent is a major challenge in the competitive world of today for HR professionals. A study conducted by Kronos and Future Workplace found 87% of global employers were concerned about retaining talent at the workplace. The scenario is not much different in India where attrition rates in IT, healthcare and other sectors [...]

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Common Overlooks during Background Screening- What HR must ensure!

Businesses saw a significant rise in fraud and risk incidents during the past year, especially in most gulf countries. According to a recent survey, 82% of executives surveyed worldwide experienced a fraud incident in the past year compared to 75% in the previous year. Background screening is an indispensable step for preventing such fraud within [...]

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Weed out Fraudsters: Instant Employee Screening Solutions

The easy entry BPO jobs require young candidates with bare minimum or no experience. Lured by easy money from this sector, candidates turn dishonest, with BPOs left open to exploitation. These new age criminals in turn give rise to frauds, hurting the company reputation and company financials. Resume frauds are already on an all-time high. [...]

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Fraud on a rise: Gender gap increasingly diminishing

A male candidate is more likely to misrepresent facts compared to females, substantiates one recent AuthBridge study. This is the order consistently for the last three financial years [Source: Annual Trend Report 2017 by AuthBridge]. This is an established fact in itself but when looked at from another perspective, the men women disparity is growing [...]

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Employee background check discrepancy levels rise 48%

Candidates are increasingly misrepresenting information in their applications to prospective employers and there has been a 48 per cent rise in employee background check discrepancy levels, says a survey. According to AuthBridges Annual Trends Report on Background Screening in India, background check discrepancy levels have jumped to 15.21 per cent in 2016-17, from 10.29 per [...]

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