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Fake Education Certificates – You are at Risk of Hiring a Fraudster

Fake education certificates are more prevalent than most people realise. Given the immense competition for employment in India, it is not uncommon for many students fudging or faking their education certificates and marksheets. As wrong and illegal it may be, the ground reality is clear from the amount of scandals and ‘Fake University Lists’ published [...]

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The Importance of Education Verification to Mitigate the Risk of Wrong Hiring

One of the requirements of a resume is to inform a potential employer of the candidate’s educational qualifications. The information is important because it helps the employer know if the candidate has the right credentials for the job. But, can we always take a resume at face value? With competition for good jobs being so [...]

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Why do You need Education Check and How it is Done

Education check is one of the most important aspects of background screening. The workforce of today needs to have some form of educational qualification for their work, be it a blue collar job or a white collar one. Understandably, companies might want to trust the applicant’s educational qualification based on appearance of their documents. However, [...]

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Verify the “Master in Deceit” with Education Verification

A recent TOI article unveils the UP B.Ed. degree scam, with nearly 2000 primary teachers holding fake B.Ed. degrees. Around 30 colleges were found out to be involved in this fraud, supported by the senior staff. Mark sheets were held out to people who were not even enrolled. Many holding these fake mark sheets were [...]

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The Hiring & Verification Saga of the Retail Industry

The retail industry handles consumer money, and often deals with issues of high turnover, absenteeism, employee theft, substance abuse, and workplace violence which demands the importance of grave protection in this industry through comprehensive background verification solutions. From selling floors to the stockroom and warehouse, retail employees must meet high standards of loyalty, performance, and [...]

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Identifying ‘fake’ education credentials to ensure the right skills

With the competition spiralling high for lucrative jobs, candidates tend to fake their educational credentials and achievements to portray the right fit for lucrative jobs. Many candidates produce certificates for full time courses when they have pursued a distance learning program. Many others, quote a different program having completed a different course. To top it [...]

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Growth of Fake Qualifications

Need for Education Check In the background screening business there is a saying, ‘if it is too good, it can’t be true.’ Adam Wheeler was doing just fine till he got ahead of himself and overstated his achievements and grades. He would have got away Scot free if he was just content to acquire a [...]

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Is your industry looking at ‘education’ credentials before hiring?

In an ever evolving global business landscape, hiring is no longer limited to geographical boundaries. As businesses expand beyond boundaries, the demand for skilled labour is rising. Incoming talent is crucial for growth and business success. This makes it essential for organisations to hire the right talent with desired skills and knowledge. This is particularly [...]

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Employers can make a difference with education verification!

India Inc. is growing quite at a momentum. With creation of more job opportunities, the employees of the company help organisations fuel the system of relentless pursuit for excellence and integrity. Considering the importance of quality employees, companies keep no stone unturned in hiring the ‘best-fit’ so that it can achieve synchronisation between its own [...]

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Ensure Right Hire through Education Verification

In a market where finding a job is a tough thing, people are resorting to unfair means like 'misrepresentation of facts’ in order to appear more attractive to the recruiters. While some of these actions are fairly obvious to the recruiters, not all falsifications will be easy to find out until the background check takes [...]

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