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Now, app cab driver check every month

Mobile aggregators have changed the dynamics of travel for Mumbaikars but on the flipside, due to the several complaints of molestation and harassment cases against women passengers, proper background check of drivers has come to the fore again. Over the last several months, the biggest problem faced by the government is getting details out from [...]

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Here’s how taxi aggregator Ola Cabs verifies a cab driver’s background

With the odd-even plan soon to hit Delhi roads, cab operators are prepping themselves up for the massive demands for cabs in the city. But with the opportunity to clock-in higher revenues, comes a great responsibility of ensuring safety of the passengers. In the recent past, the rape case which involved taxi operator Uber's driver [...]

Ola Ropes in AuthBridge for Drivers’ Verification

India's largest taxi aggregator, Olacabs, has hired background-verification firm AuthBridge to vet the drivers who use its platform and said it is investing more than $20 `124 crore) this year in efforts related million (.to passenger safety. Last month, after a 25-year-old woman passenger in Delhi accused the driver of a cab she hired through [...]

How taxi aggregators like Ola and Uber are bringing micro-entrepreneurship to students

What does a civil engineer, a BA student, a student of journalism and psychology have in common? They’re all cab drivers. It all started with a casual conversation – is the trend of student drivers picking up in India like in the west? Where do the students get the idea from? While talking to the [...]