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The Importance of Criminal Record Check

Companies are constantly in a state of hiring new individuals to fill positions that are vacant due to promotions or attrition or fill a new position altogether. Many businesses have realised how important a comprehensive background criminal check is when seemingly good employees turn rogue. A criminal record check on a candidate is imperative for [...]

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Litigation Database Checks and Their Increased Use

Three out of ten business failures are the result of thefts at workplace carried out by employees while at least 30% of resumes are falsified. A recent Times of India data analysis based on the report by RBI shows that in public sector banks, one bank personnel is caught for fraud per four hours in [...]

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Police Verification & Court Records Check – Joining Hands for Complete Vigilance

Background verification is a crucial procedure in the hiring process of many companies; police verification being one of the most important aspects that should never be overlooked. It is the responsibility of any company to make sure that they create a safe and secure work environment for all their employees, and one of the most [...]

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Verification Cos Add App Edge to Home Service Startups

Mumbai : Tanvi Jadwani, a 24-year-old social worker living in Delhi, is wary of travelling home alone in a taxi, or calling a serviceman to fix a plumbing issue through on-demand services.“After the Uber incident, I think it's not unusual to feel a bit unsafe or wonder about the security measures that are in place [...]