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Resume Verification: A Must in Your Hiring Process

Did you know that 1 in every 6 job applicants lie on their resume? It’s true. As reported by The Economic Times, providing false information about oneself in CVs is an extremely common practice among job candidates today, and it is rapidly on the rise. In fact, the number of people who misrepresented information increased [...]

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Resume Verification is key to an Organisation’s Success

Yahoo’s ex CEO, Scott Thompson lied about his Computer Science degree which not only affected his hiring but also the official regulatory filings for the company. Dean of Admissions of MIT, Marilee Jones made up degrees from Union College and Albany Medical College, neither of which has any record of her attendance. Instances of misrepresenting [...]

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Do ‘consistent’ background checks reduce fakery in resumes?

With the outgrowing speed of technology boom in India, efficient hiring is the biggest trigger for ‘instant’ background verification today! Every industry sector is experiencing shortage of talent and trust in the way hiring is being done. With the overall discrepancy level significantly rising from 10.29% to 15.21%, a great deal to build trust with [...]

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Resume Lies Rising with ‘no holds barred’- What HR needs to Do?

1 in every 6 candidates were found to lie on their resumes in FY17. The discrepancies (mismatch in information shared by a candidate during job application and the information verified during background verification; source: Annual Trend Report 2017) rose by 48% PAN India compared to FY16, indicating increased fraudulent manipulations to secure lucrative jobs. HR Fraternity [...]

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How to tackle CV Fraud?

Pressure of hiring excessive workers within a short period of time may open doors for resume fraud and manipulation. The revelation of CV fraud cases highlights the importance of conducting background screening to ensure applicants’ credentials are actually in line with the words on a resume or CV. The most common form of résumé fraud [...]

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Here’s why you should never lie in your resume!

Time and again, it has been asserted that our resume is our first communication with our potential employer. Hence, it becomes imperative for us to know that every word we type will have a similar implication on job prospects. Experts have often warned that one must never lie in their resumes. However, in India, we [...]

Why students should not fake their resumes while applying for jobs

With the changes in global hiring scenario, resume fraud in India is on the rise. As per the annual trends report by AuthBridge, a background verification and talent assessment firm, the overall discrepancy rate in last three years is 20.11 per cent, that is, around 1 in 5 job applicant has given certain wrong information [...]

Fake Firms Help Fluff CV’s For a Fee

Resume fluffing is a growing problem in the IT industry. Now, a Bangalore-based agency that conducts background checks of potential employees has compiled a list of 1,500 fake companies that have been established for the sole purpose of providing employment certificates for a fee. Candidates reportedly pay up to Rs 15,000 per year of certification. [...]