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Why Criminal Record Check Is The Key While Screening New Employees

A criminal background check is a necessity during the hiring process but can also be a sensitive issue. Criminal record checks can have serious or damaging implications which is why they need to be handled in a very systematic manner. Certain guidelines, when put in place, while conducting a criminal check will help to move [...]

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The Importance of Criminal Record Check

Companies are constantly in a state of hiring new individuals to fill positions that are vacant due to promotions or attrition or fill a new position altogether. Many businesses have realised how important a comprehensive background criminal check is when seemingly good employees turn rogue. A criminal record check on a candidate is imperative for [...]

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Going Beyond Criminal Checks

When it comes to pre-employment screening, many organisations believe that a criminal record verification is all there is to it. However, as the name suggests, only the criminal history of the individual will come to light by conducting a criminal check. There may be many other aspects of their professional and personal life that candidates [...]

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Questions about Employment Criminal Records Check

The current marketplace is harsh when it comes to scrutiny of brand image. Any unethical or criminal activity associated with companies is not at all tolerated by the customers. The industrial landscape has seen the death of many companies because of such scandals. In order to avoid such blows to the image, a thorough criminal [...]

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Criminal Check – Are You Entrusting Your Safety to a Criminal?

Importance of conducting criminal verification before hiring Whether it is sexual harassment, data theft or violence, workplace crimes pose a serious threat to the company's reputation. Data breaches were experienced by one out of four companies in 2017 with a 350 percent rise in ransomware attacks in the U.S. At least 55 percent of these [...]

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Essential Factors to consider in ‘Criminal Record Verification’

Hiring the right candidate is critical for the growth and development of a company. Bad hires cost companies millions of dollars as a result of precious time being lost in rectifying errors, re-engaging the customers and looking for replacements. Businesses have to ensure the right candidate with the right qualifications and integrity is hired and [...]

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7 Questions Related to ‘Criminal Records Check’

Criminal records check is part of the comprehensive background verification conducted prior to the hiring of a candidate. It reveals the criminal history, if any, of the candidate by checking various records available on the public domain. According to SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), 69% of organisations conduct criminal records check of candidates. About [...]

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Ryan School Murder: Why Background Verification is Important

A seven-year-old boy in Gurugram was allegedly murdered by a 42-year-old conductor of one of the school buses, who has also now reportedly confessed that he tried to sexually assault the child. In another incident, a 5-year-old was raped by the school peon in the school premises. These two separate incidents that took place in the past couple of [...]

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Waking up to powerful Criminal checks

Unmasking the real face of the potential candidate has always been onerous. Criminal checks help in understanding individuals’ intentions by screening past records. Criminal check delves extensively through the past criminal records of the candidate. Though the intent of criminality can be picked up from other background checks too, but a criminal check helps to [...]

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The need to conduct a criminal check before hiring

Hiring managers fish in deep waters to find the best of talent for their organization. With massive hiring plaguing the ever flourishing economy, it is all the more important to ensure you do not let a criminal sneak in. Organizations accord utmost importance to their reputation, a slight miss here can cost them a mountain.  [...]

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