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Credit Check – Why Employers Look into an Employee’s Credit History?

Credit check, simply put, is when an employer pulls out the financial records of an applicant or current employee, to have an overview of their financial history. How is this relevant to an employer or the organisation as a whole? Credit checks are a very much relevant process before on-boarding a candidate as it shows [...]

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Best Practices in Credit Check: What you should look out for?

Credit check ensures the prospective employee is stable financially and is responsible in managing his/her own finances. Employers are increasingly employing credit check as part of employee screening service to protect the company from financial mismanagement. Credit check provides an insight into the likelihood of the candidate indulging in frauds or crime such as misappropriation [...]

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Are you conducting a ‘Credit Check’?

Hiring for a position? Are you conducting a credit check on your candidates?If you have not given time to these questions as yet, then its time you do. Credit check is valuable to employers for seeking added insight into a prospective employee. It reveals information about a person and their past credit history. Credit default [...]

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