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How does the Location of the Prospective Entity Make a Difference?

With the job market getting more competitive by the minute, HR teams face the pressure to hire the perfect candidate. At the same time, in a bid to appear to be the ideal choice, candidates go all out to make their resume a stellar one. Misrepresenting information about crucial aspects such as residential address is [...]

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Address Check – You Could Be Hiring a Fugitive

The importance of address details and their role in identity theft Today, due to the increased digitization of personal information, identity thefts and frauds are on the rise. Increased counts of identity thefts are causing concerns while hiring suitable candidates. Address detail is an important personal information of any individual which can be attest to [...]

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Fake address by candidate rises again!

Many with disreputable backgrounds often get away with it, due to the slipshod methods of address checks. An address check gained importance to ensure a truthful candidate walks in for the interview and later joins in as an employee. Address is an important aspect of a potential candidate’s identity. Candidates may conceal their old addresses in an attempt to hide [...]

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Best Practices in Address Check: What you should look out for?

Businesses need to ensure that employees are accessible in times of emergency. Address is a much sought detail during hiring and on-boarding to ensure that the employee is accessible. This is also a key element used during background screening to ensure that the candidate possesses integrity and has a clean background. Surprised? Well, an address [...]

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