TrustOnDemand™: The Game Changer for Hiring & On-boarding

With the world getting pervasively digital, interactions and collaborations for business purposes and otherwise are on an exponential rise! On-demand services have further transformed the business landscape. In such a complex network, individuals and businesses trust one another blindly! In day to day life, you depend on people you don’t know well to work for [...]

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Reality Check: India Learns That With New Tech, Security Advancements Must Follow

India is taking to new technology faster than the West. But the key to advancement is that security measures are adopted at that same speed. After an alleged privacy mishap with the Aadhaar project earlier this year, India is now acutely aware of this reality—and taking steps to strengthen the program. Biometrics, once considered an [...]

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A Billion Identities at Risk as India Goes Cashless

Shivam Shankar Singh woke last month to an e-mail from an Indian government department. It had a name, address, mobile phone number and bank account with a code for money transfers and investments made in a dairy farm. None of the details were his. The e-mail contained details submitted to a program that collects personal [...]

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Will extensive Aadhaar Card linkages prevent identity fraud?

Driven by robust technology and global investment, the sharing, on-demand and many other contemporary businesses have been encouraging cashless transactions lately to drive the bigger agenda of ‘Digital India’. Today, over 100 crore people have Aadhaar number which means over 92% adult population in India has an Aadhaar card. There has been an unprecedented growth [...]

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