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Hiring the ‘Right Fit’ you Trust! What does ‘Fit’ mean?

Corporates operate on a ‘Trust’ equation with their employees. From access, responsibilities, powers to privileges, employees and leaders across corporates are empowered to achieve business objectives. HR plays an instrumental role in the process. This starts right from hiring till the time an employee serves the organization. It is imperative for corporates to ensure that [...]

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e-KYC- Reducing On-boarding Turn Around Time

Electronic Know-your-customer (e-KYC) process, based on Aadhaar or Unique Identification Number is transforming operations across businesses- saving time and money while delivering seamless experience! Using Aadhaar information and biometric/OTP based authorizations, e-KYC enables businesses with paperless onboarding process, reducing on-boarding time from days to minute! With more than 98% of Indian population being enrolled with UIDAI, [...]

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Aadhaar verification is NOT Enough! Things employers need to know

Recently, Aadhaar has seen a lot of attention in a very short span- rightly so, it being the World’s largest biometric database. Multiple articles have reported that employers are increasingly using Aadhaar based identity verification(Read more). With such a verification mechanism, a weeklong process can be done in just about 15 minutes, they claim! Correct! [...]

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New ‘trust’ factor: The impact of Aadhaar in India

One of the undesirable effects of a connected society is the rise in number of Identity theft cases around the world. Thanks to a variety of personal and sensitive information available and accessible online, criminals around the world have a field day committing financial frauds by usurping the identity of ordinary citizens. A record 15.4 [...]

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The Power of Aadhaar based eKYC

Knowing your customer (KYC) is critical to your business to mitigate external risks and safeguard your company brand and financials. For example, KYC is critical for banks to comply with Anti-Money Laundering reporting standards. KYC is the banks way of taking ownership of all funds placed for deposit under their care while establishing repoire with [...]

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Reality Check: India Learns That With New Tech, Security Advancements Must Follow

India is taking to new technology faster than the West. But the key to advancement is that security measures are adopted at that same speed. After an alleged privacy mishap with the Aadhaar project earlier this year, India is now acutely aware of this reality—and taking steps to strengthen the program. Biometrics, once considered an [...]

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A Billion Identities at Risk as India Goes Cashless

Shivam Shankar Singh woke last month to an e-mail from an Indian government department. It had a name, address, mobile phone number and bank account with a code for money transfers and investments made in a dairy farm. None of the details were his. The e-mail contained details submitted to a program that collects personal [...]

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A look at India’s biometric ID system: digital APIs for a connected world

The consistency of government-issued ID ensures connection to government benefits and financial services, limiting fraud, waste and abuse. In India, a lack of a national identification system has restricted access to public-sector goods and services. Indians had struggled when obtaining a driver's license or even enabling a mobile phone if they didn't have identification. That has [...]

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How this Indian company tapped a business opportunity in background checks

When Ajay Trehan was running a business outsourcing company based in Gurugram in 2005, his overseas clients would often ask him if he’d done a background check on his employees. He hadn’t, and neither had most others. But the entrepreneur realised the business opportunity he could tap into.  More than a decade later, AuthBridge, the [...]

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Now, Authbridge can instantly verify employee IDs with Aadhaar & PAN

India’s leading background verification company, AuthBridge, has become the first and only background verification company in India authorized and empaneled with relevant departments to verify the identity of Indian citizens using government issued documents. In times when we continually read and hear about incidents related to fake identities, identity verification becomes mandatory to avoid social [...]