WorkAttest helps automate ex-employee verification request handling.

It is a web-based, automated and secured platform to help you respond to ex-employee verification requests coming from background screening agencies or any other requestors in a prompt, effective and efficient manner. WorkAttest is envisioned in a way to help data contributors get structured exit employee analytics, building actionable business critical information and insights that you have been struggling to put together otherwise or paying consultants to prepare for you.

How it Works

Workattest process flow chart - AuthBridge

Key Benefits


Completely Secure

Verification engine restricted to registered Verifiers, IP based logon

Employers Groups

Industry based groups to help employers who hire from each other

Intuitive Dashboards

Ex-employee movement tracking, customizable reports

Role Based Access

Data contributors can define requirement based access

Verifier login

Contributors can also get a verifier login to verify new hires

Complete protection

SSL encryption, antivirus protection & vulnerability assessment

Join industry leaders and change the way employee verification is being done. Download our latest brochure to get in-depth details of how WorkAttest can add value to your HR department.

Authbridge workattest brochure