Water Bill Verification

Water Bill Verification

Why do Water Bill Verification?

The importance of getting a thorough check for proof of identity for every interaction you do with any individual cannot be undermined. Moreover, with a rise in the number of cases of identity theft and data breach, verifying the identity of all your employees, prospects and clients is becomes even more important. Government and industry regulations (including AML, SOX and KYC) too seek to place the responsibility on businesses to carry out comprehensive identity checks before getting into any type of a partnership to prevent data theft.
One of the simplest and the easiest way to verify the identity and address of your employees, prospects and clients is to get a water bill verification done.

Key Validations

Water Bill verification acts as a reliable proof for a person’s identity and place of residence. AuthBridge uses advanced APIs to verify water bills of individuals to validate their identity and address. Our water bill verification service is quick and helps uncover identity frauds, thereby reducing business risks.

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