Vehicle Registration Verification

Vehicle Registration Verification

Why do Vehicle Registration Verification?

Businesses need to validate the proof of identity for every interaction with an individual. Therefore, every financial transaction needs to be validated before trusting an individual, particularly when increased government and industry regulations (such as AML, KYC, and SOX) aims to place the responsibility on businesses to carry out identity authentication and make sure their customers aren’t fraudsters or identity thieves.
Every vehicle is issued a registration certificate (RC) which provides basic information about the owner and the vehicle. Authenticating this information against the RC copy provided by an individual helps in ensuring the vehicle is registered and in the hands of a legal owner.

Key Validations

AuthBridge delivers instant vehicle registration verification services using advanced APIs. By fetching information from state vehicle registration bodies, antecedents validated during the process include:

  • RC Number
  • Name of the owner
  • Registration Date
  • Model of the vehicle
  • Maker of the vehicle
  • Other details like chassis number, engine number, vehicle class and type

& more…

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