Shop & Establishment Registration Verification

Shop & Establishment Registration Verification

Why do Shop & Establishment Registration Verification?

Building mutual trust between two businesses or individuals is of utmost importance before partnering with them. A similar trust is established by banks/NBFCs before lending money, insurance companies before issuing a cover policy and while entering into business partnerships. In case you’re partnering with an establishment, you should opt for getting a shop establishment verification done. Additionally, government and industry regulations such as AML, KYC and SOX, also seek to place the responsibility on businesses to carry out identity authentication and make sure that the establishments that they’re partnering with are genuine businesses.
Shop & Establishment Registration verification helps you verify the existence of a business and the issuance of a valid Shop & Establishment registration, which is required by law for them to operate. The shop registration verification also provides other information like name of the owner, nature of the business etc.

Key Validations

Shop & Establishment Registration verification is a reliable proof of a business or establishment. Antecedents validated using this check include:

  • Name of the owner
  • Name of the shop
  • Address of the shop
  • Validity period of the registration certificate
  • Date of Registration
  • Registration Number
  • No of employees
  • Nature of business
  • Date of commencement of business
shop registration Verification

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