Professional Reference Check

Professional Reference Check

Why do Professional Reference Check?

Businesses usually need candidates with a very specific skillset and professional capability for specific roles within their teams. Apart from that, a candidate also needs to have the right attitude so that the workspace remains productive and efficient. This is the reason why a professional reference check of all your candidates is of paramount importance.
It has been seen that many so-called professionals lie about their professional expertise to grab their dream jobs. Candidate reference checks and verifications of professional expertise are hence effective ways to validate your hiring decision.

Key Validations

AuthBridge conducts professional reference checks through telephonic verification of candidate’s integrity, performance, abilities or skills with the professional references provided by the candidate. The veracity is also validated with the HR department of organisations where a candidate has worked in past as well.
Some aspects / antecedents that we authenticate are:

  • Current employer of the professional reference provided
  • The candidate’s professional relationship with the referee
  • The candidate’s tenure with the referee and previous employer
  • The referee’s rating on the candidate’s professional skills

And many more..