Professional Reference Check (Advanced)

Professional Reference Check (Advanced)

Why do Professional Reference (Advanced) Check?

A professional reference check can validate your hiring decision. However, biased references may also lead to a bad hiring decision. The right attitude is a must-have to qualify for a job at your workplace. Many professional references have revealed ‘lies’ that candidates tell to grab their dream jobs. It is essential to know if the candidate has the professional capability and the right attitude before hiring; without being deceived by a secondary reference provided.

Key Benefits

AuthBridge conducts advanced professional reference checks by researching primary references on our own. Our research team conducts due diligence from primary and secondary references through telephonic verification. The candidate’s integrity, performance and abilities are validated with the concerned HR department as well.
Some aspects/antecedents that we authenticate during reference check are:

  • Who is the current employer of the professional reference provided?
  • What is the candidate’s relationship with the referee?
  • What was the candidate’s duration of association with the referee and previous employer?
  • What is the referee’s rating on the candidate’s Professional Skills?

And many more..