Post Transaction Risk Watch (AuthAssure)

Post Transaction Risk Watch (AuthAssure)

Today’s investment decisions are not one-time activities, they do not end after the transaction is complete. It is an iterative process, where regular monitoring is necessary to reduce risks and make informed future investment decisions. We offer a proactive watch on your investments in order to identify any inconspicuous changes in the risk parameters.

AuthAssure™ is a unique due diligence service to ensure that your investments stay screened through their entire lifecycle. All parameters investigated during the initial due diligence are tracked for any anomalies or red flags through the course of the association.

The AuthBridge Advantage

  • Tech-enabled delivery of comprehensive business research through CorpVeda Platform
  • Quick turnaround with detailed reporting
  • Best in class Client Servicing through a combination of Account Management and CRM Application
  • Robust and highly customizable client-end processes to suit specific needs of every client

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