Physical Address Verification

Physical Address Verification
Address check case study - AuthBridge

Why do Address Check?

The physical address is usually the first place an organization would look for an employee in case of adverse happenings. So it’s important that the address related information of employees stored in your records is accurate, more so in context of countries like India where there is no address repository per se.

Key Validations

AuthBridge uses cutting edge, location tagging capabilities while conducting address verification on-site. Our field executives are equipped with mobile devices and state-of-the-art applications to record the verification processes, thus ensuring an audit trail.
Some aspects/antecedents we verify during an address check are:

  • Whether the stated address exists/tallies with the verified address
  • Duration of stay – whether the person stays/stayed at the address during the period mentioned
  • Relationship of the candidate with the person verifying the address details
  • Whether the residence being verified is owned or rented

And many more…