In today’s highly competitive business scenario, it is essential for corporates to conduct thorough background checks of their employees. This can help eliminate chances of corporate fraud and act as a deterrent to criminal tendencies, which can harm corporate reputations that are painstakingly difficult to develop.
This becomes even more critical when hiring top executives, as they drive business performance, organization’s balance sheet and influence Brand reputation directly. Since, when it comes to c-suite due diligence conventional background verification is not enough, we go the extra mile to verify identity and profile while conducting a detailed study of the candidate’s reputation.
We’ve hence created AuthLead™ – a custom solution designed specifically to screen top level hires. It does 360-degree exhaustive checks by gathering industry perceptions, detailed reference checks along with web and media scanning.

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Key Benefits

  • Exhaustive screening
  • Quick turnaround
  • Detailed reporting

AuthLead™ goes deep and identifiesg red flags related to credibility, involvement in unethical practices, disciplinary issues, criminal activities and more. All this ensures that your company’s confidential information remains in good hands.

Key Checks conducted

Leadership Due Diligence

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