KYC Solutions

KYC Solutions

KYC is a compliance requirement across many industries. Not only does it provide in-depth information about your customer, it also protects your business from potential bad debt, bad publicity and legal issues due to a fraudulent customer.
Manual KYC processes require physical proofs which are accompanied with issues related to authentication, warehousing and data availability.
At AuthBridge, we are transforming this space with technology and authentic data. We offer both traditional and new-age KYC on the Aadhaar platform, helping you on-board customers fast and easy while mitigating risks.


Key Benefits

  • Mitigate risks related to employees and insider threats
  • Ensure right identity, profile and reputation
  • Quick, compliant and accurate results

Key Checks

KYC Solutions – More Information

A very important case that stands out for not conducting a thorough KYC is that of a leading investment bank. The company did not carry out due diligence on a wealth management firm it was partnering with. This lack of KYC resulted in a loss of $17 billion in the form of stocks and shares. A thorough KYC and AML performed right at the start would have saved the brand reputation, money and effort spent in court cases and out-of-court settlements.

A lot can be learnt from this incident, for both interacting with customers and when hiring employees. A thorough KYC involves background check of a prospect’s professional history and an authentication and verification of documents submitted. This can help an Organisation understand whether the person they are hiring or conducting business with is trustworthy or not.
A KYC service provider in India makes for a great partner in these cases. They are organisations which take over your KYC needs and provide you with the KYC solution you require. They will provide a copy of the Know Your Customer checklist, which can help you identify the documents that need to be received from prospects.

KYC in India is a mandate when any organisation is about to conduct any financial transaction or establish a commercial/professional relationship of import. Key KYC solutions in India include:

· National ID verification check

· Verification of Income Tax documents

· Online background verification check

· Personal documentation check (bills and bank documents)

The role of KYC service providers is integral when organisations wish to build trust and mitigate risk. When you conduct KYC in India, you get an in-depth and comprehensive report about the potential hire/prospective customer’s financial standing, transaction history, professional/commercial record of frauds and misdemeanours and his/her association with suspect people/outfits.

At AuthBridge, our number one priority is to make the entire KYC experience as seamless as possible. We employ state-of-the-art account management and CRM applications which allows us to serve you in a hassle-free fashion. We maintain high quality standards while conducting KYC which can make your employee/customer on boarding experience smooth.

Highly-customisable and completely robust, our KYC services are designed to suit the requirements of all organisations, across industries.


Know Your Customer is a real time background verification process that helps organisations understand the employee/customer they are about to onboard. Various document verification procedures and identity checks are conducted through AuthBridge’s KYC solutions in India to ensure your new hire/prospect is a safe investment.

The KYC process starts with the prospective employee/customer submitting all the documents in the Know Your Customer checklist to your HR onboarding team. Your team will submit the National Identity documents and other important documents to a KYC service provider i.e. AuthBridge, who is designated specifically for your organisation. A thorough evaluation & a comprehensive report is then created which can help you take Onboarding decision.

AuthBridge is one of the premier KYC service providers in India. We follow a very stringent client-company confidentiality policy and we ensure that no one other than the authorised personnel is granted access to your data.

The key HR personnel from your organisation will always be involved in every step of the Know Your Customer process. Data handled will be done so, with prior intimation to the organisation.

For more information on conducting KYC in India, contact us today.

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