KYC Solutions (Business Entities)

KYC Solutions (Business Entities)

With diminishing boundaries and progress in technology, businesses are increasingly collaborating through digital channels in addition to traditional means. This calls for in-depth Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions to mitigate risks related to potential bad debt, bad publicity and legal issues due to a fraudulent customer.
At AuthBridge, we use tech-enabled platforms and authentic data to assimilate information related to business entities and verify them in real-time. We offer both traditional and new-age KYC solutions on the Aadhaar platform, thereby helping you on-board customers easily and quickly while mitigating risks.

The AuthBridge Advantage

  • Tech-enabled delivery of comprehensive business research through CorpVeda Platform
  • Quick turnaround with detailed reporting
  • Best in class Client Servicing through a combination of Account Management and CRM Application
  • Robust and highly customizable client-end processes to suit specific needs of every client


Get detailed information about the business entity in the following areas:

  • Company Vitals
  • Directors
  • Charges
  • Shareholding Patterns
  • Financial Details
  • Credit Ratings
  • Compliance
  • Trademarks
  • Related Companies
  • Database & Media Checks
  • Documents

& more…

Key Checks

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