India- Regulatory Database Check

India- Regulatory Database Check

Why do Regulatory Database Check?

Roles of repute within an organisation mostly come with a lot of privileges, responsibilities and access to confidential information. This is why these roles are also prone to internal risks of fraud and theft. In case of hiring candidates for such roles, it hence becomes imperative to ensure that the candidate has a credible history. A quick regulatory check can enable organisations get access to all the information they’d like to know before rolling out the offer to a particular candidate.
Although the final decision on whether or not to hire a particular candidate depends on a lot many factors, regulatory check services offered by AuthBridge at least facilitate the right information to make an informed decision.

Key Validations

AuthBridge has aggregated and indexed millions of negative records intelligently, to make them searchable quickly and efficiently. This check verifies the existence of an individual’s records across regulatory databases and watch lists maintained by organizations of repute from across the country.