India- Credit History Check

India- Credit History Check

Why do India-Credit History Check?

Organisations only entrust individuals with a sound financial history for roles of repute. Credit default history or low credit scores reflect poorly upon a person’s financial management capabilities and most organisations intend to stay away from such candidates, as they don’t want them to manage their finances.
Although the candidate selection procedure varies from one organisation to another, a credit history check enables organisations to at least make well-informed decisions.

Key Validations

AuthBridge offers quick credit history check to provide a comprehensive understanding of one’s financial background. This includes:

  • Validated credit scores from CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and the likes
  • Complete credit history including records of credit defaults

And many more…

India-Credit History Check – More Information

Recruiters and bankers have one thing in common. They both have to conduct a thorough background check of their applicants to understand if the candidates have a history of fraud, deceit, and a bad reputation to their name.

A credit score check is one of the many background checks that organisations and institutions need to conduct to ensure they are selecting the right applicant for the job.

For an individual, maintaining a good credit rating is essential. Recruiters must run a credit check on its On-boarding candidates as it may reflect the creditworthiness of the individual. A negative credit report gives an indication that the employee may not be able to handle sensitive information of the organisation.

AuthBridge has partnered with multiple credit bureaus such as CIBIL, Experian, Equifax and similar institutions to conduct reliable credit report check on individuals.

A good credit score and a clear credit report is an indication that the company is placing its bet on the right candidate. Having a credit score check conducted by a qualified credit report check company can be of a great help.

A Credit Score report will help you identify if your potential hire has committed frauds

Are you a recruiter in the process of hiring new employees? Conducting Credit Check in India will help you understand whether your candidates have ever defaulted on any payment in the past, have committed any financial fraud or have a poor financial reputation to their name.

Knowledge of this will help you recognise whether the candidate is worth hiring and investing in or not. It will also allow you to raise an alarm with the authorities on time about the possibility of a financial fraud in your organisation. A good credit rating is indicative that the candidate is a genuine person and a reliable job applicant.

A reliable credit report check company will analyse the credit rating of individuals, understand their earning and spending patterns.


Credit report checks are conducted by financial institutions and organisations in order to understand whether the loan applicant/job applicant has a history of financial fraud to their name and if they are as honest as they claim to be. The financial institutions and organisations check the credit score of the applicant to analyse if they have any cases of financial fraud registered against them in the past.
Credit Score Check helps financial institutions and organisations analyse if candidates can be trusted with the company money, information and responsibilities or not. This type of credit report check will allow bankers and hiring managers understand whether their organisational assets will be safe with the employee/applicant or not. A credit report check company can help financial institutions reduce monetary loss by intimating them of the presence of a fraudster, allowing them to contact the authorities immediately.

A reliable credit report check company will analyse the credit rating of individuals, understand their earning and spending patterns.

The credit score is a numerical analysis of how financially secure and trustworthy a person is. The credit score can be calculated with various credit bureaus such as CIBIL, Experian and Equifax.

A good score can be really helpful to both Employers and Candidates

To the Employers:
• Understand if the candidate is responsible and sticks to his commitments
• Realize about the likelihood of theft or fraud
• Proof of mishandling personal finances can indicate an individual being a poor fit for a job

To the Candidates:
• Access to more job opportunities
• A better and more trustworthy image in front of potential employers
• Greater scope for growth in the organisation
• Trust and respect from colleagues and seniors

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