India- Credit Default Database Check

India- Credit Default Database Check

Why do Credit Default Database Check?

Ensuring your employees are responsible and ethical is a must. Credit checks help businesses prevent or reduce thefts. The reason being, people who owe huge debts might be more inclined to steal from the company. Negative credit reports may be a warning sign that the candidate won’t be responsible when handling companies, clients, finances and sensitive information. Credit history checks also potentially reduce the liability for negligent hiring. Consequently, some employers viz. banks, brokerage houses, government and other financial institutions regularly review credit histories.
Moreover, credit report check is an excellent data point when comparing and weighing two or more candidates for the same position. Although employing someone with credit history is solely an organization’s discretion, yet the credit default database check process at least helps in making an informed decision.

Key Validations

AuthBridge would search for existence of a candidate in publicly available defaulters’ lists across credit bureaus. Search is conducted on Defaulters’ lists that have been released over the previous 4 quarters.
Questions that credit check will help you answers includes:

  • Are candidates lying about income?
  • Are they poor money managers?
  • Does a major financial issue drain their resources?

And many more..