India – Comprehensive Database Check

India – Comprehensive Database Check

Why do Comprehensive Database Check?

The higher one goes up the ladder in the corporate world, the more critical the job role becomes. Since top-level executives hold a lot of confidential information, they are also prone to internal risks of fraud and theft. To prevent such an occurrence, a comprehensive database check is extremely important. Moreover, research too has shown that people who have a history of crime are more likely to commit the same or other crimes if an opportunity arises.
Although the decision to employ somebody with a history of fraud and corporate crime is purely specific to the organisation, comprehensive database verification at least helps the organisation make an informed decision.

Key Validations

AuthBridge has aggregated millions of Indian Civil & Criminal Litigation records, which are then indexed intelligently to make them searchable – quickly and efficiently. Authbridge’s team of analysts further analyses each result to eliminate false matches, thereby enabling the final report to be made quickly for the end clients. Therefore, it’s hardly a surprise that some of the largest organisations in India trust us for litigation searchers on their employees, vendors and partners.
This check verifies the existence of any criminal or civil records by searching the data released by courts in public domain. The courts searched include:

  • Session/Magistrate Court
  • State High Court
  • Supreme Court

Not just courts, we also run the candidate’s name past various criminal watch-lists released by police and Central Bureau of Investigations in the public domain from time to time. This lists includes:

  • State Police’s Most Wanted
  • CBI’s Most Wanted
  • Interpol’s Most Wanted