India – Advanced Web and Media Search

India – Advanced Web and Media Search

Why do Advanced Web & Media Searches?

Employees impact a company’s brand value and financials directly. Therefore, verifying a candidate’s reputation is of paramount importance here. Performing web and media searches on candidates help businesses learn more about their past, peculiar behaviors, work styles, beliefs, values and much more. The database check and searches can help companies uncover cases where a candidate was linked to scams, incidents not reported to police and much more.

Key Validations

AuthBridge has an access to the programmable internet search tools and most comprehensive India specific media database covering over 50 digital media sources including economic and financial publications. Articles naming individuals involved in criminal and civil litigation are also searched for. Antecedents validated through this check are:

  • Was the candidate involved in any unethical / illegal activities?
  • Was there any incidents / involvements that were not reported to the police or the courts?