Background Checks

Background Checks

Why Background Checks?

Corporate fraud has risen across industries due to corruption, money laundering, tax evasion, window dressing, faulty financial reporting and bribery owing to weak internal controls, scarcity of resources and over-riding powers of senior management.

Background checks act as the trust catalyst for relationships & business alliances. By providing quick, comprehensive insights into the identity, profile and reputation of an individual/business entity, background checks help build trust in a business relationship and alliance.

At AuthBridge, we conduct background checks across 140 countries and deliver quick, comprehensive results which is otherwise difficult to obtain. Our tech enabled delivery and domain expertise is unparalled.

Our background checks help you verify Individuals and business entities. Some of these include:

And more..

The AuthBridge Advantage

  • Most complete and fastest Employee Screening Service in India
  • Frictionless Candidate Experience through proprietary iBRIDGE platform
  • Best in class Client Servicing through a combination of Account Management and CRM Application
  • Robust and highly customizable client-end processes to suit specific needs of every client
  • Deep domain expertise in Employee Screening Services, having delivered millions of checks across hundreds of clients over more than a decade of existence
  • Robust standardized processes for on-boarding a client of any size within a few minutes
  • Integration capability with most of the industry standard Applicant Tracking and HR Management Systems
  • Ability to integrate the entire screening workflow with client systems via APIs

Background checks

We provide an array of background checks. Some of them are