Aadhaar Enabled Services

Aadhaar Enabled Services

Biometrics now play a key role in identity authentication; replacing the concept of ‘things that you know’ — passwords, PINs and so on — with ‘things that you are’. With new authentication technologies, businesses need to redefine their approach to identity management.
With the world’s largest biometric database, Aadhaar verification is empowering organisations in enhancing processes, replacing paper based documents, providing authentic data and reducing turn-around time. At AuthBridge, we have developed a number of offerings using IndiaStack to help organisations. Use cases include Interview Management System, Visitor Management System and Attendance & Payroll Management Systems and more.

The AuthBridge Advantage

  • Smooth candidate experience through proprietary TruthScreen platform
  • Robust, standardized processes for verifying & on-boarding a customer/employee within a few minutes
  • Integration capability with most of the industry standard Applicant Tracking and HR Management Systems
  • Ability to integrate the entire screening workflow with client systems via APIs


  • Instant Verification on the Go with tech-enabled platform
  • Dual mode of operation: Biometric /OTP
  • Access to comprehensive individual information pulled from the Aadhaar database

Key Offerings