Aadhaar-based eSign

Aadhaar-based eSign

Why do Aadhaar based eSign?

The traditional way of sending across faxes and mails for getting approvals is both time-intensive and unsecure. To the contrary, getting approvals becomes far easier with e-signatures. In this case, the customers don’t have to worry about printers, inks and paper. Instead, they can simply approve a document in a few clicks using their e-signatures. This Aadhaar-based eSign shortens the entire process to just a few minutes, rather than days the traditional process took. To top it all, the identity of the signee can also be verified using Aadhaar card verification.

Key Validations

We have access to authentic Aadhaar information. We employ state-of-the-art data encryption technologies for our Aadhaar-based eSign services to help you sign documents using digital means rather than utilizing traditional faxes or mailed documents. Aadhaar-based eSign simultaneously validates the identity of the person signing the document to ensure that he/she is a valid authority, while also recording the same in their audit trail.
eSign can be implemented instantly using the Aadhaar number with the help of the following modes:

  • Biometric mode
  • Non-Biometric mode