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About 2.26 lakh non-compliant and bogus companies were declared illegitimate by the Government.*

*Source: ET Report | September 2018

Quick Diligence

Perform preliminary due diligence of business entities including partners, vendors, franchise, distributors, agents or clients with AuthBridge’s Quick Diligence solution and form trustworthy business relationships.

  • Safeguard your brand by evaluating identity, profile and reputation of the partner entity and its senior executives and directors
  • Steer clear of futile investments and save time, cost and effort by quickly eliminating investments with no potential
  • Determine value creation by verifying historical and factual data of partner entities - incorporation details, registered address, company shareholdings, financial statements including liabilities, investor information and more

Back business decisions involving partnerships and third parties with our Quick Diligence solution

Entrepreneurs and decision makers, investment bankers, investors, c-suite employees, finance professionals, credit bureaus, rating agencies, risk analysts, lawyers, consultants, students can benefit from this solution. It can also be used for scholarly research and seeking regulatory information.

Our Quick Diligence solution delivers faster and better insights along with benefits like:


  • Robust and highly customisable client-end processes to suit specific needs, be it enterprise or SMBs
  • Access to a proprietary platform -CorpVeda™- powered by latest technology and sophisticated intelligence
  • Comprehensive business research through access to leading databases
  • Fastest turnaround times with detailed reporting
Key Diligence Parameters
  • Company Vitals

    Verification of a company on several parameters - CIN, incorporation details, registered address, authorised/paid-up capital, etc.

  • Director Credentials

    Finding information on present and past directorship of the company’s directors and details on the previous directors of the company

  • Index of Charges

    Gathering details on the charge created by a company on its assets and properties, present and future, in favour of a financial institution

  • Shareholdings

    Collection of information on shareholders and the number of shares held by each of them to understand shareholding related risks

  • Financials

    Verification of details related to a company’s financials such as Balance sheet, Profit and Loss statement, Capital structure, Financial Ratios, etc.

  • Related Entities

    Verification of businesses related to the researched company, including holding companies, subsidiaries, joint ventures and the companies where directors have a significant stake

An increasing number of companies are going for Quick Diligence
Our blog reveals why you can’t avoid Due Diligence in today’s time?
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