Aadhaar proving strong base for background screening of employees

, NEWSAadhaar proving strong base for background screening of employees
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As more number of companies are using background check authentication for employees, Aadhaar verification is proving a vital tool in the process. Experts in the field claim Aadhaar seeded information eases authentication process, as half of the job is done by matching biometrics of a person before employment.

Aadhaar information is also being used widely by telecom companies for verifying antecedents of consumers, cutting down manual processes of physical verification.

For verification of core components like education, employment, criminal, and litigation, the companies are banking on background screening agencies. Agencies have detected that majority of discrepancies in background checks are found in address, education, and employment component.

In the year 2015-16, a screening agency AuthBridge detected discrepancies in address, past employment, and criminal component of 3.9% of cabbies, which leading cab aggregators were to employ. Of scanned cabbies, address and employment background of 8.61% in Delhi and 7.27% in Haryana was found doubtful.

Another background screening agency First India Advantage has recorded that percentage of discrepancies in various sectors increased from 10% in 2011 to 12% in first half of 2016.

Background screening process includes finding out everything about a person like academic background, employment history, exit interviews, professional reference, personal ID checks, criminal record verification, address verification, and even drug testing. The checks are carried with consent of a person, employed or to be employed.

“Before Aadhaar, verification process was tough. We had to depend on voter card or ration card where chances of fudging were high,” said Ajay Trehan, managing director of AuthBridge research services private limited. The process is largely being applied in home delivery services and grooming sector also, as nobody wants to allow unverified person enter the house, he said.

 More than 200 companies have subscribed till date to National Skills Registry of National association of software and services companies (NASSCOM) for background check process through empanelled companies.

“NSR is successful in the sense that most of the IT major adhere to this process and do background checks through empanelled companies only,” said Anirban Mandal, deputy director NASSCOM. Mandal said Aadhaar helps in identification purpose.

“Government’s decision to tag academic records with Aadhaar number will assist in knowing qualification of applicants more accurately and reduce turnaround time to confirm academic details of an individual,” said Purushotam Savlani, senior vice president and managing director of First Advantage India.

In April, Union communications minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had claimed that more than 100 crore (one billion) Aadhaar numbers were generated in a span of five and a half year. India has more than 1.33 billion population.

The companies and agencies requiring authentication through Aadhaar have to empanel with Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) as authentication service agency or authentication user agency after which they get access to the authority’s database to check a person’s information. Companies are provided devices to check biometrics of a person. For empanellment, application fee of Rs 5,000 is required.

By August 2016, 25 Authentication Service Agencies and 193 authentication user agencies have been empanelled with UIDAI across the country.

An Authentication Service Agency (ASA) has an established and secure leased line connectivity with UIDAI database and offers its UIDAI-compliant network connectivity as service to Authentication User Agency (AUA).

The AUA uses Aadhaar authentication to enable its services and connect to the Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) by itself or through an existing third party ASA.

Published in Hindustan Times