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Internet subscribers in India will double to 829 million by 2021 and generate about 4 million jobs by 2022

Source: An IBEF Report 2019


The subscriber base of 1.20 billion makes India the second-largest telecommunications market in the world. However, the increasing involvement of new players is exposing the sector to frauds and scams, calling for better checks and reforms. Background verification of employees, business partners and associates as well as KYC of customers can preempt the challenges in the telecom sector and deal with existing ones by offering fitting solutions.

Our KYC and Risk Profiling Platform: TruthScreen™

TruthScreen™ provides data-based authentication using AI, ML and deep search algorithms to enable instant KYC and faster account opening and onboarding.

Other Featured Platforms :

  • Insight-driven business intelligence platform providing in-depth information on Indian corporates.
  • An end-to-end exit-employee management platform with in-built insights and analytics.
Globally, the Telecom Industry is losing $17bn in revenues to frauds every year.

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