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Sharing economy’s dependence on temporary staff demands stringent hiring practices.

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy in India has been on a growth curve. Increased usage of temporary staff such as delivery boys, courier boys etc., however, has also exposed the sector to higher risks as this workforce is transient and customer-facing. Getting past key hurdles is easier with instant identity verification and verification of business associates. Verification also helps in managing attrition in the sector.

Our Employee Background Verification Platform: iBridge™

iBridge™ is a web platform that automates the entire process of employee background verification, making it seamless, hassle-free and insightful. A platform with built-in intelligence and a simple interface, iBridge™ delivers befitting self-service to bespoke solutions designed for a seamless candidate and client experience. Ability to offer the fastest-turn-around time and compatible APIs for HRMS and ATS make iBridge a businesses’ go-to tool for verification.

Other Featured Platforms :

35/1000 candidates in sharing economy were found representing information to get jobs – AuthBridge Annual Trend Report, 2018

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