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The rising instances of labour strife in the manufacturing industry calls for stringent measures in the direction of Background verification

Source: An IBEF report | 2019


Increasing population and a growing middle class have created a robust demand in the Indian manufacturing sector, leading to growth. The further development hinges on a range of parameters including employing people equipped with right personal, professional and educational qualification, regular drug abuse tests to promote efficiency and managing the high rate of attrition amongst others. Thorough background verification can help in creating an atmosphere of trust in the sector, accelerating the process of development.

Our Employee Background Verification Platform: iBridge™

iBridge™ is a web platform that automates the entire process of employee background verification, making it seamless, hassle-free and insightful. A platform with built-in intelligence and a simple interface, iBridge™ delivers befitting self-service to bespoke solutions designed for a seamless candidate and client experience. Ability to offer the fastest-turn-around time and compatible APIs for HRMS and ATS make iBridge a businesses’ go-to tool for verification.

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  • Insight-driven business intelligence platform providing in-depth information on Indian corporates.

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