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Increasing penetration of high speed internet and evolving business models have set the stage for e-commerce to grow rapidly in India. The e-commerce industry is today generating employment for a diverse set of people. From software developers to delivery boys every aspect of the economy is getting a boost from growth in this industry.

With growth comes a new set of challenges – Blue collar workers like the delivery boys are now directly interacting with customers in the space of the customer’s home. This has big risk implications to the brand and its market standing.

Verifying every individual you work with thus becomes imperative. Data from our Annual Trend Report 2016 reveals that this industry had the second highest discrepancy rate for FY2016.

We work with 2 out of the top three players in the industry and have a robust portfolio of solutions and platforms designed for the industry.


Our Employee background screening services provide a comprehensive scan on the credentials of the candidate bringing transparency around claims made.

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Comprehensive 360 degree screening for top level hires. Goes beyond the basics and does perception surveys, reference checks, web and media scans and more

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Blue collar screening for the growing delivery requirements. Protect your brand and ensure subject safety

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Comprehensive due Diligence for ensuring your platform has the right partner base. Protect your brand and deliver superior experience to your customers

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