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28 12 , 2016

AuthBridge Contributes in Uttarakhand Flood Relief Work

By Parag Poddar| Dec 28, 2016|

In the wake of heavy rainfall in Uttarakhand and adjoining areas, which led to devastating landslides and floods, AuthBridge has joined hands with a reputed NGO Goonj to contribute in the relief work. Goonj is an NGO working since 14 years towards the relief and rehabilitation of families hit by natural disasters. AuthBridge is part […]

19 12 , 2016

‘Significant’ decline in job background check discrepancy

By Ajay| Dec 19, 2016|

There has been a four percentage point decline in the overall level of case discrepancies in information shared by candidates looking for employment over the past three fiscal years, says a report. According to AuthBridges benchmark Annual Trends Report on Background Screening in India, the overall level of discrepancies in information shared by candidates has […]

09 12 , 2016

AuthBridge Partners With Baxi for Background Verification of Bike Taxi Riders

By Ajay| Dec 09, 2016|

AuthBridge, a global background verification and risk mitigation company, has announced its tie-up with Baxi, an on demand bike taxi company as exclusive background screening partners. As an exclusive partner, AuthBridge will conduct background verification of Baxi’s ‘Buddies’, the bike taxi riders associated with the company. Baxi is India’s first on-demand bike taxi service that operates […]

08 11 , 2016

This company helps decide whether an employer should hire you or not

By Ajay| Nov 08, 2016|

Employment verification is a tedious process, and it consumes a significant amount of HR people’s time. Most companies do the background check through offline means. WorkAttest, a product of India-based AuthBridge, is an online repository that provides instantaneous employee verification results. The platform, which connects established verifiers and contributors, has been designed to free up HR […]

03 11 , 2016

Here’s why employee background screenings matter

By Ritika Sharma| Nov 03, 2016|

One of the most enjoyable films I remember seeing is Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster “Catch Me If You Can” with Leonardo Di Caprio playing a conman. It’s the true story of Frank Abagnale who, in the 1960s, became the youngest person ever to make it to the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List. Abagnale, a master forger, […]

02 11 , 2016

Hire a crook at your own peril

By Ajay| Nov 02, 2016|

Looking for a job? Here’s the good news. If a company is conducting a background check on you then the chances of you getting the job are quite bright. By and large companies screen candidates that they are seriously interested in. But, wait, it may be a bit premature to start celebrating, particularly if you […]

20 10 , 2016

Interview: Ajay Trehan, Founder & CEO, AuthBridge

By Ritika Sharma| Oct 20, 2016|

AuthBridge, India’s leading background verification company and also the first to be associated with Unique Identification Authority of India and Income Tax Department for providing robust and instant identity verification to its customers. Ajay Trehan, Founder & CEO, AuthBridge is a pioneer in modern background screening and has led his organisation AuthBridge to meet ever […]

20 09 , 2016

Aadhaar proving strong base for background screening of employees

By Ajay| Sep 20, 2016|

As more number of companies are using background check authentication for employees, Aadhaar verification is proving a vital tool in the process. Experts in the field claim Aadhaar seeded information eases authentication process, as half of the job is done by matching biometrics of a person before employment. Aadhaar information is also being used widely […]

16 09 , 2016

How private companies are using Aadhaar to try to deliver better services

By Ritika Sharma| Sep 16, 2016|

In 2006, Ajay Trehan set up AuthBridge, a background verification company in Gurgaon. That was a time when business process outsourcing was booming. Global companies like Citibank were relocating back-office functions to India. Outfits like AuthBridge sprang up in response to help these companies find qualified staffers. They vetted applicants by running identity checks, verifying […]

24 08 , 2016

Lying Your Way To A New Job Just Got Tougher

By Ajay| Aug 24, 2016|

At a time when some business schools are advocating an MBA ‘Hippocratic’ oath for ethical practices, companies now make efforts to ensure that a prospective hire does not kick-start his/her career with a lie which may later bring disrepute to the organisation. Companies have made background verification stringent, and apply a lower “severity threshold” to […]

29 07 , 2016

Your newly hired accountant could be a criminal

By Ajay| Jul 29, 2016|

Ahmedabad, July 28:  After hiring Mr X as an executive, a leading BPO company discovered during an employment check that the candidate had served five years in prison. When he got selected, he was on bail. He hadn’t disclosed his imprisonment and, instead, had submitted a fake certificate to suppress the five-year jail term. When […]

01 07 , 2016

24×7 cinema, malls are all fine but here are the practical difficulties

By Ajay| Jul 01, 2016|

The government’s announcement on Wednesday that the new Model Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Services) Act 2015 has been cleared by the cabinet has been termed as a win-win by customers and retailers. However, it has met with some skepticism in certain quarters over the feasibility, security and functional issues that […]

23 06 , 2016

Here’s why you should never lie in your resume!

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 23, 2016|

Time and again, it has been asserted that our resume is our first communication with our potential employer. Hence, it becomes imperative for us to know that every word we type will have a similar implication on job prospects. Experts have often warned that one must never lie in their resumes. However, in India, we […]

22 06 , 2016

AuthBridge – How Background Verification Can Save You From Bad Hiring Decisions !

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 22, 2016|

Hiring – A puzzle that every company today is wondering how to solve ! And Ajay Trehan  founder of AuthBridge seems to have found a lead towards the solution. Ajay Trehan is a pioneer in modern background screening process outsourcing. He founded AuthBridge in 2005 and has built the company into a leading authority on […]

21 06 , 2016

Gurgaon takes a brake

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 21, 2016|

The Gurgaon Police along with the other organisers of the Car Free Day, including Corporate Houses, claimed that 15,000 less vehicles were parked on the street during the event on Tuesday making it a success. The Car Free Day, a weekly event, was first celebrated on September 22. Though the roads on four corridors — […]

20 06 , 2016

Cycle rally held to support ‘Car-Free Day’ in Gurgaon

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 20, 2016|

A cycle rally was held in Gurgaon on Monday to support ‘Car- Free Day’ (CFD), in which senior police and civil officials participated apart from members of the public, an official said. The cycle rally was organised to increase awareness about the ‘Car-Free Day’ initiative (to be held on Tuesday) and ask more citizens to […]

17 06 , 2016

Easing the rush

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 17, 2016|

One day before another Car Free Day here, the Gurgaon Police, corporate executives and public representatives took out a cycle rally in Udyog Vihar Phase-IV. The rally on Monday was organised to increase awareness about the initiative and ask more citizens to decongest roads by turning to non-motorised and public transport. To further the cause, […]

16 06 , 2016

City pulls out all stops for second Car-Free Day

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 16, 2016|

GURGAON: Taking a cue from BJP’s election-winning slogan, Gurgaon’s second Car-Free Day rolls out on Tuesday with a pledge that, ‘Ab Ki Bar No Car’. And in an effort to promote the campaign, Gurgaon Police is going all out to make sure the second edition of Car-Free Day is a success. The city’s commissioner of […]

11 06 , 2016

Here’s what you should do before you hire a new CEO

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 11, 2016|

With start-ups on a recruitment spree, hiring the right kind of leadership is extremely important. But what if the candidate you hire to lead your baby, turns out to be the wrong choice? And how do you ensure, you are recruiting the right man for the job? AuthBridge, a background verification company, shares an interesting […]

11 06 , 2016

Are you for real?

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 11, 2016|

A little over three years ago, Yahoo’s then CEO Scott Thompson resigned within four months of taking up the title, creating a scandal that caught the attention of global business and media. Thompson was accused of augmenting his résumé with an embellished college degree, an act done in order to land the coveted job. Closer […]

09 06 , 2016

Why students should not fake their resumes while applying for jobs

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 09, 2016|

With the changes in global hiring scenario, resume fraud in India is on the rise. As per the annual trends report by AuthBridge, a background verification and talent assessment firm, the overall discrepancy rate in last three years is 20.11 per cent, that is, around 1 in 5 job applicant has given certain wrong information […]

09 06 , 2016

SOS button in Uber, Ola apps for passenger safety

By Ritika Sharma| Jun 09, 2016|

It looks like cab aggregators have finally learnt a lesson or two in providing safe commuting options to passengers. Two service providers – Uber and Ola – have introduced an SOS button on their respective apps. The idea is, when in emergency, passengers can tap the button and an instant message is sent out to […]

24 05 , 2016

Beware! Your company may be breaching your privacy

By Ajay| May 24, 2016|

As the number of companies in India asking for background checks of their prospective employees keeps increasing, background verification firms say that data protection laws are being flouted, as these checks happen without the consent of the candidate, reported Live Mint. A number of background verification firms such as HireRight, IDfy AuthBridge, First Advantage India […]

24 05 , 2016

Are firms flouting data protection laws during background checks?

By Ajay| May 24, 2016|

Bengaluru: Background checks of prospective employees by companies is fast catching up in India. However, more and more companies are asking background verification firms to conduct checks without obtaining the consent of the candidate, thereby flouting data protection laws, according to these firms. Background verification firms such as AuthBridge, First Advantage India, HireRight, IDfy and […]

05 05 , 2016

Interview: Ajay Trehan, Founder & CEO, AuthBridge

By Ajay| May 05, 2016|

AuthBridge, India’s leading background verification company and also the first to be associated with Unique Identification Authority of India and Income Tax Department for providing robust and instant identity verification to its customers. Ajay Trehan, Founder & CEO, AuthBridge is a pioneer in modern background screening and has led his organisation AuthBridge to meet ever […]