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Employee Screening Services
10 04 , 2018

‘Exit Employee Analytics’-A Powerhouse of Culture & Retention Strategies

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 10, 2018|

Attrition can cost up to 2.5 times the salary of an employee and is a major pain point for HR. One of the most critical issues that companies face relates to the retention of valued employees. Given the market competition in terms of talent acquisition, there is a high rate of attrition across industries. Yet, […]

Background Verification
09 04 , 2018

Evolving Technology in Database Background Checks

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 09, 2018|

Rapid digitisation in India The umbrella technology initiative of “Digital India” has led to the rapid deployment of tech-enabled platforms across various sectors. Healthcare, employment, commerce, labour and education are some of these areas that are being transformed with digitisation. Broadband highways, high-speed networks and Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity are some key focus areas. […]

06 04 , 2018

Best Practices in Credit Check: What you should look out for?

By Rishi Acharya| Apr 06, 2018|

Credit check ensures the prospective employee is stable financially and is responsible in managing his/her own finances. Employers are increasingly employing credit check as part of employee screening service to protect the company from financial mismanagement. Credit check provides an insight into the likelihood of the candidate indulging in frauds or crime such as misappropriation […]

Leadership Due Diligence
05 04 , 2018

Overcoming C-Suite Hiring Challenges with Leadership Due Diligence

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 05, 2018|

In the recent times, financial scandals involving senior level management and board members have made headlines in India. In a recent survey close to 37% named middle and senior level management to be the perpetrators of frauds. The survey analysed different risks including cyber security, frauds that included bribery and corruption, physical theft and other […]

substance abuse testing
04 04 , 2018

Drug Abuse Tests: A Beginner’s Guide to What & How?

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 04, 2018|

Substance abuse is a serious concern for employers worldwide. Marijuana and cocaine are the most common drugs used across the world. The United Nations reported way back in 2011 that India was the top consumer of heroin. More than 3 million people are believed to be addicted to drugs in India. For employers, drugs found […]

Employee Background Verification
03 04 , 2018

Background Verification: Why Companies Need Greater Vigilance?

By Rishi Acharya| Apr 03, 2018|

Even as unemployment reached an eleven-year high figure that runs into millions, the economic downturn is leading to a financial crisis. Companies resort to budget cuts on many aspects including background verification, security, and labor to save on expenditure. These short cuts, however, do not lead to success as wrong hires and lack of security […]

Criminal Check
02 04 , 2018

Essential Factors to consider in ‘Criminal Record Verification’

By Dolly Sharma| Apr 02, 2018|

Hiring the right candidate is critical for the growth and development of a company. Bad hires cost companies millions of dollars as a result of precious time being lost in rectifying errors, re-engaging the customers and looking for replacements. Businesses have to ensure the right candidate with the right qualifications and integrity is hired and […]

CV Validation
30 03 , 2018

Resume Verification: A Must in Your Hiring Process

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 30, 2018|

Did you know that 1 in every 6 job applicants lie on their resume? It’s true. As reported by The Economic Times, providing false information about oneself in CVs is an extremely common practice among job candidates today, and it is rapidly on the rise. In fact, the number of people who misrepresented information increased […]

employee screening services
29 03 , 2018

Top 7 Ways in Which Employee Screening Services Mitigate Employer Risk

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 29, 2018|

Employee screening services are more necessary than ever in the fast-paced economy of today, where interactions are increasingly digital and the need to establish trust quickly is stronger. Organisations are hiring by the load, and at the same time, the number of frauds– applicants giving false information about themselves on their resume– are on the […]

Vendor Due Diligence
28 03 , 2018

Vendor Due Diligence- Your Aid to Organisational Safety & Compliance

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 28, 2018|

In today’s competitive and fast-paced business scenario, organisations have to streamline their operations to optimise profit and growth. Third-party outsourcing is a popular trend across industries and countries. Outsourcing certain tasks to a third-party vendor saves cost and time. Yet, there are inherent risks of outsourcing. Businesses have to ensure that confidential and sensitive information […]

Know Your Customer
27 03 , 2018

KYC Solutions & Its Merits

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 27, 2018|

Whether recruiting an individual or setting up a partnership or alliance with a vendor or another business, it is crucial to know who you are dealing with. KYC or Know Your Customer is designed to prevent misrepresentation and identity frauds. KYC verifies data related to individuals, businesses, vendors or other third parties to root out […]

26 03 , 2018

Trust & Verify Candidates with TrustOnDemand™

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 26, 2018|

With the growth of the sharing economy in the country, the need for TrustOnDemand™ is higher than ever, especially in India, where this sharing economy has resulted in a number of job openings, and consequently, an influx of applicants from every corner of the country. It is no easy task for any organisation to effectively […]

employee screening services
23 03 , 2018

Top 7 Tips to Get Your Employment Background Verification Right

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 23, 2018|

It has never been more paramount for organisations to follow a stringent and thorough employment background verification than it is today. With the number of job candidates providing false information about themselves on their resume increasing rapidly, the stakes of a wrong hire have never been higher. According to AuthBridge’s data analysis, around 15% candidates […]

Employee Screening Services
22 03 , 2018

HR Technology – Questions to Ask Yourself

By Rishi Acharya| Mar 22, 2018|

HR technology has transformed not just the scope of human resources in the modern world but has changed the way the entire industry works. Well-known software companies, along with specialised HR technology vendors are supplying large organisations with new technology that facilitates all HR functions like background screening, workforce analytics, talent acquisition, and so on, […]

Leadership Due Diligence
21 03 , 2018

5 Tips to Hire Better Leaders with AuthLead™

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 21, 2018|

There are so many businesses– both start-ups as well as established companies– that have failed due to bad leadership. After all, leaders are the face of the company for clients, shareholders and the media. They also have access to sensitive data, they are in charge of decisions that could make or break the company and […]

Periodic table of background verification
20 03 , 2018

The Periodic Table for Background Verification

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 20, 2018|

When it comes to background verification, there are so many different dimensions and aspects of the service that it is impossible for organisations to not identify and mitigate one or more risks. After all, a thorough and exhaustive employee screening service ensures the safety and security of not just employees but the organisation itself. At […]

social media verification
19 03 , 2018

Social Media Background Verification: How’s it Done?

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 19, 2018|

Social media is pervasive and powerful. Globally, more than 2 billion users are on social media networks. In India, more than 250 million people are expected to use social media by 2019 according to data from Statista. This is a huge increase from the current figures of 168 million. The number of active users per […]

Background Checks
16 03 , 2018

Disruptions in HR Technology Decoded

By Rishi Acharya| Mar 16, 2018|

Globally, technology disruptions are being experienced in every industry and every department. As per CB Insights, there has been a 15% rise in investments in HR technology in the recent times. In the U.S., close to $2 billion has been invested in HR technology. According to CB Insights, human resource management system (HRMS) is where […]

Points to improve interview experience
15 03 , 2018

10 Steps to Improve the Candidate Interview Experience

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 15, 2018|

Interviews can be a stressful, nerve-wracking experience for the candidate. They are being assessed to see if they are a fit for the job they want, and this cannot be an easy experience for them. Add to it the entire pre-employment verification process that you as an employer has to go through, and this only […]

14 03 , 2018

TrustOnDemand™ – Progress Till Date

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 14, 2018|

The economy of today is hugely reliant on trust on demand. Think about it. A lot of commonly used services like Uber, Ola, Airbnb and food delivery apps like Swiggy will not have any business if it weren’t for trust. Just ten years ago, the entire concept of such businesses seemed like a far-fetched idea. […]

HR Technology
13 03 , 2018

Buying HR Technology? Here’s What You Should Evaluate First!

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 13, 2018|

HR technology is a term that is often used to refer to all kinds of hardware as well as software components used for automation of the HR functions and activities. From employee attendance to background verification, employee payroll, workforce analytics and more, technology is disrupting the way these process function across workplaces. In recent years, […]

things to know about pre-employment check
12 03 , 2018

Things to Evaluate Before On-Boarding a Background Verification Partner

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 12, 2018|

Background verification is a crucial process for any organisation regardless of the industry they belong to. You should not blindly trust whatever information an applicant has provided in their resume. If it turns out he/she had provided incorrect information at that time, it could create unnecessary problems for the business. Since this person may, in […]

Hiring Approach
09 03 , 2018

Talent Acquisition Personalities & Approach to Hiring

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 09, 2018|

A company is only as good as its employees. Bad hires can cost companies significantly in terms of finance and reputation. Hiring the right people is crucial for business success. Role of talent acquisition in effective hiring Businesses need to give top priority to talent acquisition as hiring the right people is critical to ensuring […]

identity verification
08 03 , 2018

Identity Verification: Stepping Stone to Organisation Safety

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 08, 2018|

The need for identity verification has never been more felt as in recent times. Since the past three to four years, there have been reports of rape by Uber drivers. Other crimes where employees themselves have committed fraud or thefts at workplace have also made headlines. Recently at Ryan International School in Delhi, it was […]

Leadership Due Diligence
07 03 , 2018

Leadership Due Diligence is a Long-Term Investment

By Dolly Sharma| Mar 07, 2018|

The role of any leader in the top management of a company is one of the most important within the organisation. After all, leadership is the cornerstone for team motivation, setting business objectives, creating compliances as well as driving organisational culture. Every company faces the quest for growth, expansion and impact, and a major portion […]