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Education Check
10 12 , 2018

Fake Education Certificates – You are at Risk of Hiring a Fraudster

By Dolly Sharma| Dec 10, 2018|

Fake education certificates are more prevalent than most people realise. Given the immense competition for employment in India, it is not uncommon for many students fudging or faking their education certificates and marksheets. As wrong and illegal it may be, the ground reality is clear from the amount of scandals and ‘Fake University Lists’ published […]

HR Technology
26 11 , 2018

6 Ways Technology is Revolutionising Background Screening in Recruitment

By Dolly Sharma| Nov 26, 2018|

One of the most important functions of Human Resources is the hiring of new employees. Screening a vast number of applications and verifying the provided information can be very time-consuming. Using technology in recruitment can greatly improve the efficiency of the process and save on time, as well as money, in the long run. Using […]

05 11 , 2018

Employee Screening Key to Prevent Sexual Harassment

By Dolly Sharma| Nov 05, 2018|

The #MeToo movement has hit the headlines in recent times. Though many high-profile cases came out from media and news industry, sexual-harassment has a long history and is a serious concern worldwide. According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), 75% of workplace sexual harassment incidents are not reported. A 2018 online survey by […]

Leadership Due Diligence
08 10 , 2018

How AuthLead™ can help prevent Executive Fraud

By Dolly Sharma| Oct 08, 2018|

Businesses hire top-level executives with the aim to expand, grow and inspire all levels of employees within the organization. These senior executives set the tone for the organization, establish formal and unwritten rules, and are responsible for aligning the company culture, standards and ethics. World has witnessed many executive frauds across various industries, but in […]

25 09 , 2018

Significance of Police Verification while Hiring Blue-Collar Staff

By Dolly Sharma| Sep 25, 2018|

Blue-collar jobs are most of the times sought after by those with less educational qualifications or lower economic backgrounds. Unfortunately, the situation of these individuals is conducive to getting involved in crime. From petty theft out of sheer desperation, to joining a gang due to peer pressure, many blue-collar employees can be found to have […]

Education Check
20 09 , 2018

The Importance of Education Verification to Mitigate the Risk of Wrong Hiring

By Rishi Acharya| Sep 20, 2018|

One of the requirements of a resume is to inform a potential employer of the candidate’s educational qualifications. The information is important because it helps the employer know if the candidate has the right credentials for the job. But, can we always take a resume at face value? With competition for good jobs being so […]

Reference Check
30 08 , 2018

Importance of Employee Reference Checks for a Safe Work Environment

By Dolly Sharma| Aug 30, 2018|

A reference check should be more than just a formality during the hiring process. The extra step to verify a candidate’s credentials could prove invaluable to a company. An Employee reference check will also help the organisation to validate if the information presented by the candidate is true and does not contain omissions or false […]

Police Verification
27 08 , 2018

Why Criminal Record Check Is The Key While Screening New Employees

By Dolly Sharma| Aug 27, 2018|

A criminal background check is a necessity during the hiring process but can also be a sensitive issue. Criminal record checks can have serious or damaging implications which is why they need to be handled in a very systematic manner. Certain guidelines, when put in place, while conducting a criminal check will help to move […]

Vendor Due Diligence
24 08 , 2018

The Importance of Vendor Due Diligence in the On Demand Economy

By Dolly Sharma| Aug 24, 2018|

  Most companies will require a third party vendor to outsource business to at some point or another. Whether it is to assign a professional for housekeeping jobs or to deliver products to customers, vendors help businesses run smoothly while saving on costs and time. Vendor due diligence is important to protect the interests of […]

substance abuse testing
06 08 , 2018

Drug Abuse Test Best Practices

By Rishi Acharya| Aug 06, 2018|

Drug abuse at the workplace negatively impacts both employees as well as employers in many ways. The recent UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) report indicates that opioid use leads to loss of the maximum number of productive years. Around the world, 29.5 million adults are engaged in substance abuse according to UNODC. […]

Criminal Check
06 08 , 2018

The Importance of Criminal Record Check

By Rishi Acharya| Aug 06, 2018|

Companies are constantly in a state of hiring new individuals to fill positions that are vacant due to promotions or attrition or fill a new position altogether. Many businesses have realised how important a comprehensive background criminal check is when seemingly good employees turn rogue. A criminal record check on a candidate is imperative for […]

Background Checks
10 07 , 2018

New Technologies for Better Background Screening

By Dolly Sharma| Jul 10, 2018|

Background screening is the need of the hour. With banks getting scammed by employees and a lot of cab drivers being accused of unruly conduct, employers need to be extra careful with whom they hire. It is difficult for HR professionals to conduct background screening on candidates all by themselves, especially when it comes to […]

substance abuse testing
02 07 , 2018

Workplace Safety: How can a Drug Abuse Test Help?

By Dolly Sharma| Jul 02, 2018|

Drug abuse has been a major concern across the world. In India, the drug epidemic has been serious enough for the government to authorise a nation-wide survey to understand the extent of drug abuse. While Punjab has been on the top of the list, the drug epidemic has also hit other states including Delhi, Goa, […]

Attrition Management
26 06 , 2018

Streamline the HR Process to Curb Employee Attrition Rate

By Dolly Sharma| Jun 26, 2018|

One in two Indian employees is looking to leave their current job according to a recent study. Employee attrition has been a consistent concern as past trends indicate. A 2012 Mercer study also had more than half of employees actively considering quitting their jobs. The study also highlighted that as compared to older employees, a […]

12 06 , 2018

Importance of Confidentiality in Background Screening

By Dolly Sharma| Jun 12, 2018|

For an industry like the background verification that handles such sensitive data, confidentiality is of vital importance. Background screening companies have personal data of thousands of employees and applicants in their care, and it is their responsibility to ensure that it is not misused in any way and does not fall into the wrong hands. […]

Background Verification
06 06 , 2018

Essential Checklist Before Selecting Your Background Screening Partner

By Dolly Sharma| Jun 06, 2018|

With the number of frauds increasing year by year, a thorough background verification is imperative for employers. You must check to see if every bit of information provided by applicants is correct as this is the only way you can ensure the safety and security of your company itself and your employees too. Moreover, a […]

employee screening services
04 06 , 2018

Background Screening – A Job-Seeker’s Point of View

By Dolly Sharma| Jun 04, 2018|

As a job-seeker, it can be intimidating knowing that a potential employer wants to do a background check on you. A background screening does not have to be a stressful process, and with the help of this comprehensive guide, we hope to answer any questions you might have regarding the process. Keep these points in […]

Vendor Due Diligence
01 06 , 2018

Spot Fake Companies with Vendor Due Diligence

By Dolly Sharma| Jun 01, 2018|

As a business owner, you will, at some point or another, require to partner with or outsource jobs to other companies. When scouting for a company to work with, due diligence is required to ensure you choose the right business partner. There is a lot at stake when you choose to take on a business […]

31 05 , 2018

TrustOnDemand™ for Background Screening in ODE Companies

By Dolly Sharma| May 31, 2018|

During the hiring process, every company needs to conduct a thorough background verification on the potential candidates. The process of background screening has become the need of the hour with the ODE (On Demand Economy) sector growing by leaps and bounds. As the ODE industry grows, companies are having a harder time keeping up with […]

Background Checks
30 05 , 2018

Background check and Other Factors in Internal and External Recruiting

By Dolly Sharma| May 30, 2018|

Recruiting candidates to fill job vacancies is an ongoing process in any organisation. Whether an employee has resigned or you are expanding and new positions have opened up, you will be in need of someone to take the job. There are two main methods of filling a job position- internal recruiting and external recruiting. Both […]

Employee Screening
29 05 , 2018

Ensure Candidate’s Cultural Fitness with Background Verification

By Dolly Sharma| May 29, 2018|

A healthcare organisation that had employee welfare and consensus-based decision making as its core values hired a new unit head with a proven financial track record. In due course, it was noted that the unit head’s dictatorial leadership style, emphasising command and micromanagement, lead to significant attrition. Employee disengagement led to poor customer satisfaction scores […]

Employee Background Verification
28 05 , 2018

7 Critical Points to Ponder Upon of Background Screening

By Dolly Sharma| May 28, 2018|

Financial frauds grabbed headlines recently across India with the losses suffered by public sector banks reportedly going up to Rs. 2500 crores. The Reserve Bank of India released data that showed employees were involved in all of these financial scams. Employees, both former and current, are the major fraud perpetrators in the Indian context according […]

Leadership Due Diligence
24 05 , 2018

How is Senior Level Hiring Different from Routine Hiring?

By Dolly Sharma| May 24, 2018|

Senior executives transition to strategy development from operational levels. These leaders are responsible for providing direction by defining the mission and vision of the organisation. Besides, they are also expected to be accountable for financial growth, team coordination, employee engagement and brand image. Senior executives are also involved in building and sustaining the company culture […]

Address Verification
23 05 , 2018

How does the Location of the Prospective Entity Make a Difference?

By Dolly Sharma| May 23, 2018|

With the job market getting more competitive by the minute, HR teams face the pressure to hire the perfect candidate. At the same time, in a bid to appear to be the ideal choice, candidates go all out to make their resume a stellar one. Misrepresenting information about crucial aspects such as residential address is […]

Criminal Check
22 05 , 2018

Going Beyond Criminal Checks

By Dolly Sharma| May 22, 2018|

When it comes to pre-employment screening, many organisations believe that a criminal record verification is all there is to it. However, as the name suggests, only the criminal history of the individual will come to light by conducting a criminal check. There may be many other aspects of their professional and personal life that candidates […]